Transportation division

The Transportation division brings together a portfolio including locomotives and electrical components for rail vehicles and buses.

Focus on Europe:
locomotives in operation

The locomotive family of Vossloh Locomotives – made up of three and four axle industrial, shunting and mainline locomotives – is approved and successfully in use in many European countries. Customers can choose from a wide range, depending on their preference as regards power, weight, and diesel-hydraulic or diesel-electric drive. This modular strategy is characterized by a high parts commonality, which ensures that the vehicles are easy to service and can be adapted to developments in technology.

A fundamental aspect is the financing offer, as well as all necessary services related to diesel traction in rail transport. Customers can choose from a comprehensive offer of on-site services, heavy maintenance as well as full service contracts or spare parts supply contracts. Vossloh Locomotives has its own European service network, which is supported by partner workshops.

You can find more information about the portfolio of the locomotive family and services here

Electrical key components

Electrical buses, trams and subway trains equipped with the most modern technology by Vossloh Kiepe, are in use in numerous cities and urban centers.

The drive equipment, on-board power supply, vehicle control system, heating and air conditioning technology as well as many electronic and electrical components for trams and rail vehicles in local public transport are produced and developed by us. The vehicle equipment is integrated into a complete customer-specific package and supplied from a single source.

“Anti-aging” encompasses our know-how for the modernization of entire vehicle fleets.

You can find more information about our electrical key components product portfolio here.


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