As a rail technology company, Vossloh is active in an industrial segment for which sustainability is a major priority. With its products and services, Vossloh helps to ensure that the transport of people and goods is as safe as possible, while also being environmentally-friendly. Resources should be used sparingly, and pollution – in the case of rail technology, largely CO2 and noise pollution – should be kept at the lowest levels possible and reduced even further through new technologies. Because of this, Vossloh AG also has the right qualifications for investors focusing on sustainability. Vossloh has already been listed in several sustainability rankings since 2008 and belongs to the investment universe of oekom research and Kempen/SNS SRI. Likewise, Vossloh AG has already participated in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) seven times and in 2015 will take part in the Vigeo rating once again.