About us

Vossloh is a centrally managed, listed engineering group, with a focus on rail infrastructure. Integrated offers and solutions, provided by the three divisions, are at the heart of the worldwide activities.

Expertise, developed over decades, makes Vossloh a leading provider for construction and value maintenance of rail infrastructure. This includes a high-performance offer of key products and complex systems, as well as innovative services for the entire lifecycle of rail lines.

Vossloh offers a unique product range for rail infrastructure, all under one roof: rail fastening systems, concrete sleepers, switch systems as well as services related to the value maintenance of the rails.

In order to appear uniform and compact, Vossloh is run as an integrated Group. The divisions work closely together on the market under the operational management of Vossloh AG. For our customers this means: suitable products, systems and services from one source.

Our self-image

Vossloh solutions are benchmarks in many countries around the world. Global presence means that Vossloh customers receive integrated solutions for their infrastructure wherever they are, from one source.

We are convinced, that is not only important what you do, but how you do it. For this “how“, there are shared convictions and values. Passion is a powerful feeling that drives us to give the decisive little bit more than what our competitors give. We are proud that we have an extraordinarily skilled team with many years of experience with the company. Excellent service means no more and no less than meeting the customer’s expectations. For the workforce, this means concentrating on core competences. Our organizational structure takes this into consideration. Clear definition of our business model – product, project and service orientation – makes our work transparent and allows cooperation, because there is no counter-productive overlap.

We foster and promote cooperation and networking Trust and respect are not only preconditions for good cooperation, it is created through close collaboration – both internally and externally. Entrepreneurial spirit is perhaps the most important Vossloh value: we see this as taking responsibility for the community. At Vossloh, you get everything you need, from one source. Business divisions with long-standing customer relationships, as well as numerous references and constantly striving for the best solution make Vossloh a reliable partner.

Our social responsibility

With its products and services, Vossloh makes an important contribution to the mobility of people and the transport of commodities.

Rail transport has a future – both for freight haulage and long distance and local passenger travel. Ultimately ever more goods must be transported as a result of international division of work. And the demand for individual mobility is increasing – particularly in rapidly growing economies. Urbanization is continuing to progress: since 2007 more than half of all people worldwide live in towns and cities. The distance between living, working and leisure has created huge commuter traffic. Mobility can only be sustainably guaranteed in crowded areas with the aid of high-performance mass transport systems, which themselves require a small transport area – by rail.

Vossloh has the daily challenge of organizing rail transport safely, economically and in an environmentally friendly way.