Labor conditions

A good working environment for our employees

Committed employees are the basis of the Company’s long-term success. Vossloh therefore attaches great importance to fair labor conditions. Key issues in this regard are fair remuneration, additional company benefits (above and beyond the statutory and/or tariff-based arrangements) and a safe work environment. Adherence to local laws and standards (for example, minimum wage or fundamental labor law conditions) is an integral part of Vossloh’s compliance obligations. The European Works Council and the Group Works Council regularly invite the Executive Board and Corporate Human Resources to their meetings in order to guarantee the flow of information, discuss scope for improvements and adress new issues together.

One of these subjects is the family-oriented HR policy. This began with the Group works agreement adopted in 2018. A working group composed of managers, works council members and HR employees developed objectives and measures for ensuring a balance between career and family; with this result, Vossloh will submit itself to the “Career and Family” external audit in early 2019. Existing family-friendly instruments range from flexible working hours, flextime and part-time and parental leave models to mobile working, personal sabbaticals and childcare services. At French companies, provisions were also adopted to ensure that employees are unavailable during free time.

Vossloh’s incentive system also includes aspects that further strengthen the Company’s sustainability focus. For example, employees throughout the Group take part in the INSPIRO idea management program as well as a continuous improvement process (CIP) that also involves them financially in the revenue that results from their ideas for improving product, process and service quality. A significant portion of the proposals concerned the subject areas of environmental protection (emphasis: energy conservation) as well as occupational health and safety. For example, two employee ideas are currently under development which will result in oils used in the production of rail fastening systems needing to be replaced less frequently and enabling them to be reused through the use of suitable recycling measures.

The general rules for working at Vossloh are summarized in a Code of Conduct that each and every employee is required to sign upon joining the Company. The Code of Conduct stipulates and precisely defines the values of integrity and upstanding business conduct. The principles of conduct that this code prescribes are a binding yardstick and benchmark for the day-to-day activities of all the employees.

Vossloh expects all of its business partners, be they companies or individuals, “to apply similar standards to the ones we have established for ourselves,” as the Company’s Code of Conduct stipulates. Suppliers, service providers and subcontractors who are new to working with Vossloh are required to provide comprehensive information on themselves by means of checklists. Increasingly, the issues of safety, health and the environment are likewise being considered in these evaluations as Vossloh itself is required to present its own customers with evidence in these areas. You can find more information here.