Customer satisfaction

A focus on customers

Customer communication has historically been the responsibility of Vossloh’s operating units, in keeping with the Company’s formerly decentralized structure. The divisions have steadily expanded their customer communication in recent years in order to better understand their customers’ wishes and needs and meet these more accurately. In line with the “One Vossloh” principle, the establishment of a cross-divisional customer relations management was initiated at the end of 2017 following a Group-wide dialog on the topics of sales and customer communication. The objective is for all information about all Vossloh customers to be collected centrally in a secure environment and made equally available to all operating units in order to leverage synergies for the purposes of sales. In addition, the system should result in there being less work involved in preparing documents for calls for tender and meeting the ever greater reporting duties in relation to customers, such as in regard to certification. The solution based on customer relationship management (CRM) software went live in February 2018 once all of the more than 300 employees affected had been given the appropriate training. It encompasses more than 10,000 Vossloh customers in 115 countries and all rail infrastructure projects worldwide that the Group supplies. In 2019, an interface to the email program was created and the working environment was made more user-friendly. The focus of 2020 will include efforts to further improve user-friendliness, optimize offer processing, introduce a marketing module and create a connection to Sharepoint, the Group’s information center.

As in the past, the logging of customer satisfaction continues to be the responsibility of the operating units. Corresponding surveys are carried out in various ways at individually selected intervals, as well as on a project-oriented basis or as part of customer visits in some cases. In 2019, the Lifecycle Solutions division and Vossloh AG made initial plans to organize queries using the planned CRM marketing module.