Product safety

Helping to make the future of rail infrastructure safe

Vossloh makes considerable contributions to the safety of rail services, meeting the most stringent of standards itself in the process. Vossloh’s products and services are subject to detailed technical specifications and standards that must be met. All the main production plants have quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 or a comparable national standard like the AAR’s M1003 standard in the USA. At the reporting date December 31, 2019, around 97 percent of the Vossloh workforce was employed at a unit with such a certification. The products and services generally undergo thorough testing that often lasts for years before they are applied to the tracks. This is performed on the Company’s own test benches and in its own testing laboratories, with test installations/test usage by the customers and as part of the complex approval process of certified testing organizations.

In this manner, 2019 saw the Core Components division test innovative EPS composite tie in regular operation on selected routes in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Romania, and the U.S. The Customized Modules division tested various products made from its newly developed, extremely hard rolled steel in a tram and heavy-goods network. The Lifecycle Solutions division continued with the HavenZuG project – together with some renowned partners. The focus of this project is on investigating how the permanent monitoring and analysis of the condition of port railway tracks can be incorporated into daily shunting operations. The stringent requirements result in lengthy development times. All of Vossloh’s business units have their own Research and Development departments, which are staffed by highly specialized professionals

Here you will find additional information about the Vossloh Group’s research and development activities.

To minimize the possibility of issues regarding the safety of its products and services, Vossloh is very careful in its choice of suppliers. These are chosen by the individual operating units with their specific expertise. The extensive evaluations and audits of both potential and existing suppliers are based on numerous criteria. A key aspect is a supplier’s unfailing ability to meet the quality standards stipulated by Vossloh. Among other things, the keywords here are product quality, service and delivery reliability. All of Vossloh’s partners are regularly assessed on the basis of fixed aspects, in particular concerning quality. Contracts are only awarded to companies on the list of approved suppliers. Additionally, Vossloh suppliers must be generally able to guarantee at all times that the goods and services they supply meet the regulatory and statutory requirements.