Attractive employer

Vossloh’s corporate culture is founded on the four basic values of “passion”, “excellence”, “trust and respect”, and “entrepreneurship”. That these values are practiced on a daily basis is an important argument for Vossloh in terms of both competing for qualified professionals and retaining skilled employees in the long term. At the same time, Vossloh offers a transnational, project-based and digital culture, with the objective of creating attractive workplaces for young talent and maintaining the Company’s competitiveness.

Vossloh continuously boosts its appeal as an employer with an array of measures such as:
  • Equal opportunity
  • Systematic support of talented individuals and junior employees
  • Development of a Vossloh management culture
  • Group-wide succession planning to facilitate international careers within the Group
  • Occupational health management (see “Occupational health and safety” on page 88)
  • Employees as ambassadors for the Company (through the “Employees Recruiting Employees” program and other initiatives)
  • Joint development by employee representatives and the management of topics relevant to success (e.g., collaboration between Work Safety Committee, the Group Works Council, the European Works Council and in the area “Career and family”)
  • In Germany: attractive initial training opportunities in industrial/technical and commercial areas and dual training options
  • Harmonized HR processes and tools

Vossloh Group companies assess employee satisfaction by means of regular surveys regarding various focal issues. The surveys are conducted and evaluated using scientific methods, and the results serve as the basis for improvement measures and changes. Given that the topic of employee leadership plays a key role in employee satisfaction, Corporate Human Resources and the Group Works Council were commissioned by the Executive Board in 2019 to jointly develop proposals. At Vossloh Fastening Systems, the measures derived from last year’s employee survey on management quality were implemented in 2019. In the Lifecycle Solutions division, a survey was carried out among employees at Vossloh High Speed Grinding GmbH at the end of 2018. The results led to more meetings being held between management and production staff in 2019 to improve internal communication. Furthermore, a “culture team” was formed with employees from various departments and functions and that prepared a catalog of measures to be implemented in 2020. And around 50 employees were put forward to attend a management workshop in January 2020.

Based on the results of the Group-wide IT employee survey conducted at the end of 2018, work on developing the “IT Roadmap 2025” was started in 2019. The aim is to align the IT organization to an even greater degree with the needs of the users. The plan is to gradually introduce standardized Group-wide platforms here, in line with the principle of “input data once, use it many times.” Standardization, harmonization and integration are intended to increase the range of the opportunities for global cooperation within the Group – and thus the speed at which customer inquiries are answered. The employees concerned receive intensive training to enable them to quickly familiarize themselves with the new software.

Vossloh’s flat hierarchies generally promote open dialog within the workforce. The annual performance review is firmly institutionalized throughout the Group as an opportunity for feedback to flow between employees and managers; in addition, regular discussions between employees and managers are encouraged. In order to encourage people look at the bigger picture, upstream and downstream process steps are presented and explained in a transparent way. On the other hand, employees are systematically given insights into other or new areas. Since the introduction of the “One Vossloh” principle to the integrated Group, the Executive Board has also been actively pushing for stronger cross-divisional communication.