Training, further training and development

Our employees make the difference

Aging societies in developed countries, a shortage of skilled workers in many parts of the world, ever-changing working worlds due to digitalization, global competition for well-qualified engineers and the younger generation’s changing expectations of employers. These are just some of the challenges faced by Vossloh in the area of human resources.

One of the Company’s major advantages in terms of its attractiveness as an employer is the comprehensive array of development measures it offers its employees, with these measures being agreed upon by an employee and the manager in the annual performance review meeting as a means of individually training the employee while taking the operational needs into account. Proper implementation of these measures is closely monitored and evaluated by the HR departments. As a key management tool, the yearly performance reviews entail not only such development measures, but also mutual feedback from the manager and the employee regarding working together. The implementation rate for the yearly reviews is firmly established as a key indicator at many companies of the Vossloh Group and remained at 95 percent in 2019.

The range of professional development measures covering all areas of expertise comprises external and internal training, workshops, project involvement (within or outside of a business unit) and coaching. Vossloh also supports employees gaining qualifications on their own initiative, such as by studying alongside working. In addition, as part of its talent management, Vossloh encourages and challenges future managers and carefully selected specialists with its annual LEAD! program. This executive development program encompassing all the business units turns high-potential employees into “One Vossloh” multipliers, preparing them for further responsibilities as part of the Company’s systematic succession planning.

The Vossloh Learning Platform (VLP) is a digital environment for continuous learning (“LEARN”), sharing (“SHARE”), and growth (“GROW”). It is our mission to create an inspiring and motivating culture of learning at Vossloh that every employee can contribute to and benefit from. The VLP is an example that learning takes place every day and in numerous ways. The offering encompasses learning options such as “on-site,” “tailor-made,” or “digital learning” – and is growing continuously. All business units carried out training programs to develop the leadership and management skills of their managers.

In the area of initial vocational training for young people, there is great demand at Vossloh in Germany for existing dual training opportunities, in other words the combination of company-based training and studies, in both the industrial/technical and commercial fields.

The Vossloh Rail Services division has held a stake in the established training provider BahnWege-Seminare near Trier since 2019 via the Rhomberg-Sersa-Vossloh GmbH joint venture. The company’s wide-ranging program of training courses in all aspects of rail infrastructure maintenance can now also be used to a greater extent by Vossloh employees.