System W 21 T

A special feature of the fastening system W 21 T is the inclined plate which can be used optionally in order to allow an inclination of the rail in switches and crossings on non-inclined concrete bearers. With this, Vossloh offers a low-cost and simple solution to the customers. Currently, approx. 350,000 fastening points of W 21 T are being used all over the world.

Technical peculiarities
at a glance

  • Driving speed: ≥ 250 km/h (High Speed); ≤ 250 km/h (Conventional Rail)
  • Axle load: ≤ 26 t
  • Tension clamp: Skl 21
  • Adjustability: height, gauge
  • Elastic cellentic rail pad for less vibration and protection of the track

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