System W 42

The universal fastening system W 42 meets all route requirements. Thanks to the intelligent pairing of the elasticity of the cellentic rail pad and the newly developed tension clamp Skl 42 with high fatigue strength, the system can be used for all types of tracks for passenger transport – from urban transport, conventional lines to high-speed lines.

Technical peculiarities
at a glance

  • Driving speed: ≥ 250 km/h (HS); ≤ 250 km/h (CR); 140 km/h (UTS); 160 km/h (HH)
  • Axle load: ≤ 30 t
  • Tension clamp: Skl 42
  • Adjustability: height, gauge
  • Elastistic cellentic rail pad for less vibration and protection of the track

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