VSM - 24: An M-23 Replacement

The VSM-24 mainline switch machine is a full OEM replacement unit for the M-23 Switch Machine. VSM - 24 is normally operated by motor, but has dual-control capability including hand throw and selector levers to allow manual operation. VSM-24 contains the improved Indication Circuit Controller (ICC) which has an indication design to provide lost motion of .010” or less. The VSM-24 Mainline Switch Machine components are completely interchangeable for use in the OEM switch machines. Vossloh Signaling Switch Machines are assembled per the customer specifications, such as motor voltage requirements, gear ratios, wiring configurations, etc.

Vossloh Signaling, Inc. also remanufactures M-23 Switch Machines, restoring them to either meet, or exceed, the original OEM specifications. Vossloh Signaling re-manufactured products have the same fit, function, longevity and appearance of new equipment, at a significantly lower price.