Concrete Ties and LVT

Concrete railroad ties and turnout ties

Rocla Concrete Tie, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of pre-stressed concrete railroad ties and turnout ties in North America, serving Class I, industrial, and transit railroads. With expertise in pre-stressed precision engineering, and over fifty years of combined designing concrete ties, we ensure predictable and proven performance. Our high quality concrete ties are manufactured at seven state of the art facilities strategically located throughout North America. Through an exacting production process developed over many years of continuous R&D, every tie is manufactured to specific parameters and quality control procedures, which results in a finished product of absolute consistency. We are committed to serving our customers with reliable and cost effective pre-stressed concrete ties.

LVT solution

In addition to the concrete tie product range, we also provide a LVT solution. The system consists of a reinforced concrete block, a resilient pad, and a rubber boot cast-in by unreinforced concrete. The system has proved to be the perfect solution for all types of slab track systems, be it high speed track where highly accurate track geometry is required or within the city limits where vibration attenuation is of primary importance.

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