Supervisory Board

Vossloh‘s Supervisory Board

Vossloh AG’s Supervisory Board has six members. Since, in the wake of the various transactions conducted in 2002, the number of German employees has fallen below the threshold of 2,000 employees, the Supervisory Board composition is no longer governed by the German codetermination legislation of 1976. Supervisory Board membership is now subject to the provisions of the German Stock Corporation Act (“AktG”) and thus also to those of the German Industrial Constitution Act 1952 according to which one-third of its members must be employee representatives and two-thirds stockholder representatives.

The Supervisory Board oversees and advises the Executive Board’s management and conduct of business. Certain material transactions and Executive Board actions (specified in the Executive Board Rules of Procedure) are subject to prior Supervisory Board approval. The Supervisory Board periodically discusses with the Executive Board the business trend, as well as the corporate plan and strategy and their implementation. Moreover, the Supervisory Board approves the annual budget and financial statements of Vossloh AG and the Group with due regard to the reports of the internal and the statutory auditors, apart from being responsible for the appointment and removal of Executive Board members.

Vossloh AG’s Supervisory Board:

Dr.-Ing. Volker Kefer2,4, Chairman, Erlangen,
former Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Bombardier Transportation (Global Holding) UK Limited (Board Member)

Biography Dr.-Ing. Volker Kefer, Graduate Engineer
born 1956 
until 1982Studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering,
Engineering Degree (Diplom-Ingenieur) at Technical University of Munich
1988PhD at Technical University of Munich
1983 – 1988 Siemens AG, Development Engineer
1988 – 1993 Siemens AG, Project / Department Manager for global heat recovery steam generation projects
1993 – 1996Siemens AG, Product Manager for steam-electric power stations
1996 – 1998 Siemens AG, Head of Central Marketing for power plant instrumentation & control
1998 – 2001 Siemens SGP Verkehrstechnik, Executive Board member for the Bogies business unit
2001 – 2005Siemens Transportation Systems, Head of Locomotives Division
2005 – 2006 Siemens Transportation Systems, Head of Mass Transit Division
2006 – 2009DB Netz AG, Chairman of the Management Board
2009 – 2016Deutsche Bahn AG, member of Group Management Board for Technology, Integrated Systems and Services Division
2010 – 2016Deutsche Bahn AG, Management Board member for Infrastructure Division
2015 – 2016 Deutsche Bahn AG, Vice Chairman of the Management Board

Ulrich M. Harnacke2,3,4, Vice Chairman, Mönchengladbach, auditor and tax consultant
  • Member of the Shareholders’ Committee of Thüga Holding GmbH & Co. KGaA
  • Member of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Brenntag AG

Biography Ulrich M. Harnacke, MBA
born 1957 
1976 – 1981RWTH Aachen, University of Cologne. Major fields of study: business taxation, auditing and fiduciary management. MBA in 1981
1986State examination as Chartered Tax Consultant
1988State examination as Chartered Accountant
1981 – 2015Worked as accountant and tax consultant, finally as Managing Director, at Deloitte & Touche GmbH (from 2007 to May 31, 2015)
since 2015Independent accountant, tax advisor, consultant and partner at RHODION ADVISORS GmbH, Düsseldorf; member of various supervisory boards

Andreas Kretschmann1, Neuenrade, Certified Social Security Professional

Biography Andreas Kretschmann
born 1962 
1979 – 1982AOK Märkischer Kreis, Lüdenscheid, vocational training as social security professional
1982 – 1987AOK Märkischer Kreis, Lüdenscheid, Social Security Professional
1987 – 1999Vossloh-Werke GmbH, Managing Director of company health insurance funds
1999 – 2013 Vossloh Fastening Systems GmbH, Human Resource Officer
since 2013Head of local works council and member of Group and European Works Councils
since 2017Deputy Head of Group Works Council

Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schlosser4, Puchheim, consultant and former Managing Director of
Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH

Biography Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Schlosser
born 1948 
1982Degree in Electrical Engineering
PhD at Technical University of Munich
1982 – 1985 Knorr-Bremse SFS, Development Engineer
1985MAHO Werkzeugmaschinenbau, Head of Electromechanical Construction
1985 – 1989Knorr-Bremse SFS, Head of Technical Sales
1989 – 1993AEG Westinghouse, Head of Development
1993 – 1998Knorr-Bremse, Head of Sales
1998 – 2011Knorr-Bremse, Member of SFS Management Board
2011 – 2013Knorr-Bremse, Consultant for Russia, Japan and Innovation
2013 – 2016Transmash Holding, Restructuring and Technology Consultant

Michael Ulrich1,2,3, Kiel, machinist

Biography Michael Ulrich
born 1966 
1984 – 1988Vocational training as machinist
1989 – 1990Alternative service (in lieu of military duty)
1990 – 2001 Vossloh Locomotives (formerly Krupp Verkehrstechnik / Siemens Schienenfahrzeugtechnik), machinist in Locomotive Assembly Department
1998 – 1999 Vossloh Locomotives, Unit Head in charge of employee suggestion scheme
since 2000Various functions in the Vossloh Locomotives and Vossloh AG works councils, including Head of Works Council at Vossloh Locomotives
since 2013Head of Group and European Works Councils of Vossloh AG

Ursus Zinsli3,4, Saint-Sulpice (Canton of Vaud, Switzerland), former Managing Director of
Scheuchzer SA (Switzerland)
  • Vice-President of the Administrative Board of FURRER + FREY AG, Bern (Switzerland)

Biography Ursus Zinsli, Master of Arts in Economics (Lic. oec. publ.)
born 1948 
1975Degree in Economic Sciences, University of Zurich, major fields of study:
economics, business administration and informatics
1975 – 1977IBM, Organizational Consultant
1977 – 1979HILTI AG, support function in Business Systems department
1979 – 1983Holderbank Group (now Holcim), Executive Assistant for Engineering Division
1984 – 1986Maillefer SA, Finance & Administration Director
1986 – 1988Revisuisse (now PwC), Consultant (Vice Director)
1988 – 2011Scheuchzer SA, initially Finance & Administration Director, then Managing Director (CEO) for 15 years
2011 – 2016Scheuchzer SA, member of Administrative Board
since 2004 Furrer & Frey AG, Vice President of the Administrative Board

1) Employee representative
2) Member of the Personnel Committee
3) Member of the Audit Committee
4) Member of the Nomination Committee