Responsibility as a benchmark


As a rail technology company, Vossloh operates in a field of industry in which sustainability is a top priority. With its products and services, the Group plays a part in making the transportation of people and goods as safe as possible on the one hand and environmentally friendly on the other. Resources should be used sparingly and emissions – in rail technology, first and foremost carbon and noise emissions as well as water consumption – should be kept as low as possible or further reduced with the help of new technologies. Vossloh is appropriate for investors with a sustainability focus. For example, Vossloh's sustainability performance has been awarded “Prime Status" by the sustainability rating agency ISS-ESG on the one hand and receives the rank "AA" by the sustainability rating agency MSCI-Ratings on the other.

Since the beginning of 2020 Vossloh is an active participant of the UN Global Compact initiative. By supporting the principles of the UN Global Compact, Vossloh is once again outlining its contribution to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Communication on Progress (COP)
UN Global Compact

We would like to provide you with information about the topic of sustainability at the Vossloh Group on the following pages.

Sustainability Management at Vossloh

Sustainability is one of the key factors essential to ensuring economic success over the long term. As an international company, Vossloh assumes particular responsibility for its employees, the environment and society.


Fulfilling environmental criteria and avoiding environmental risks are a top priority of environmental management at Vossloh. The Group as a whole chooses to conform to the most stringent internationally applicable standards and guidelines.


Vossloh is an international company. Qualified, dedicated employees play an important role in ensuring company success. In particular, Vossloh sees fair working conditions and workforce diversity as a foundation for good human resources management.

Corporate Responsibility

Lasting economic success in the face of global competition is only possible on the basis of acting legitimately and with integrity. Vossloh’s social responsibility also involves all of its employees adhering to the applicable laws.

Customers & Products

To satisfy the specific expectations of customers in individual market regions over the long term and reinforce its own market position, the company intensively invests in the enhancement and optimization of its products, services and processes.

Social matters

The Vossloh Group sees itself as part of society. The company would like to play an active role in helping to shape the social environment and has dedicated itself to a variety of areas and regions that correspond with its core areas of expertise and in which it operates.