Responsibility as a benchmark


With its products and services, Vossloh makes an important contribution to the sustainable mobility of people and the transport of commodities.

Rail transport has a future – both for freight haulage and long distance and local passenger travel. Ultimately ever more goods must be transported as a result of international division of work. And the demand for individual mobility is increasing – particularly in rapidly growing economies. Urbanization is continuing to progress: since 2007 more than half of all people worldwide live in towns and cities. The distance between living, working and leisure has created huge commuter traffic. Mobility can only be sustainably guaranteed in crowded areas with the aid of high-performance mass transport systems, which themselves require a small transport area – by rail.

The Vossloh Group places great value on sustainability, tackling the daily challenge of making rail transportation safe, profitable and environmentally compatible. Because Vossloh achieves a significant part of its sales with products and services that contribute to environmentally sustainable solutions, Vossloh is also appropriate for investors with a sustainability focus.

Reporting for the 2021 fiscal year was subject to the obligations of the EU Taxonomy Regulation for the first time. This standardized classification system defines and assesses environmentally sustainable economic activities. As in the previous fiscal year, Vossloh also reports values for 2023, which explicitly underpin its sustainable business model: 100 percent of sales revenues are assessed as being taxonomy-eligible, while 63 percent are taxonomy-aligned.

For a number of years, Vossloh‘s comprehensive sustainability measures have been assessed on a regular basis by renowned international rating agencies, including ISS ESG, MSCI ESG Research and EcoVadis. The ISS ESG agency has awarded Vossloh Prime status. MSCI ESG Research continued to rank Vossloh at the second-best AA rating level (on a scale from AAA to CCC) in the 2023 reporting year. EcoVadis continues to list Vossloh with a Silver status; however, according to the improved score received in 2023, Vossloh is now among the top seven percent of all companies rated by EcoVadis.

Due to the sustainability-oriented hybrid note placed by the Group at the beginning of 2021, the ratings of ISS ESG and MSCI ESG Research are also of importance for Vossloh. The redemption value of the note is linked to Vossloh’s sustainability performance as rated by the agencies.

Since the beginning of 2020 Vossloh is an active participant of the UN Global Compact initiative. By supporting the principles of the UN Global Compact, Vossloh is once again outlining its contribution to achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Here you can find in-depth information about sustainability in the Vossloh Group.