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Vossloh is a leading global rail technology company. Rail infrastructure is the core business of the Group. We offer our customers throughout the world integrated solutions from a single source. We make an important contribution to the mobility of people and the transport of commodities – safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Mobility on the rails is at the heart of our business success because we optimize track availability – always and worldwide. Vossloh is green because rail is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport.
Discover our contribution to rail-based sustainable mobility.

"Making tracks available" signifies the sustainable increase in the profitability of route operators. Vossloh has succeeded in accomplishing this by developing new digital solutions in combination with proven rail technology and consequently effectively increasing track availability.

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Our product groups

Rail fastening systems

Our rail fastening systems offer flexibility in the superstructures of rail infrastructure. Alongside customized solutions for diverse fields of application, customer requirements and climate zones, we also organize the development of technical standards.

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Turnout systems

Vossloh, a worldwide leading provider of turnout technology, offers solutions for all rail networks in order to ensure economical, safe and environmentally friendly transport of passengers and goods.

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Signalling systems

In the signalling systems area, Vossloh provides EDV supported relay interlocking systems, remote actuation and monitoring systems and diversion controls for heavy-load networks.

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Signalling products

The safety products include switch drives, which are suitable for conventional tracks, urban transport systems, and high-speed and heavy load transport.

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Rail and turnouts maintenance

Our service portfolio for maintenance and preventive care offers coordinated and optimized use for all rail types. We ensure value maintenance and safety on modern railways through innovative grinding processes and milling technology.

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Track Supply

Vossloh ensures coordinated just-in-time delivery of long rails and switch systems to the track construction site. The logistics portfolio is topped off with stationary and mobile welding services of the highest quality.

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Concrete Ties

A comprehensive range of pre-stressed concrete railroad ties and turnout ties is manufactured according to customer specifications.

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Concrete crossing panels

A complete full-width / full-depth concrete grade crossing system for the railroad industry.

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Latest press releases

03/04/2021 Product news
One of Germany’s largest chemical complexes relies on MR.pro®
In the second quarter of 2020, InfraLeuna awarded the Rhomberg Sersa Vossloh cooperative the contract to digitalize the rail infrastructure at its chemical complex in order to optimize its long-term, track system management. With the successful completion [...]
02/24/2021 Investor News
Vossloh mourns the death of Heinz Hermann Thiele
The 79-year-old majority shareholder and former Chairman of Vossloh AG's Supervisory Board passed away yesterday, Tuesday, in Munich [...]
02/08/2021 Investor News
Vossloh wins extensive framework contract for the supply of switches in the Netherlands
Framework contract with a term until 2028; Major deliveries from 2022 on [...]
01/20/2021 Investor News
Vossloh receives major order to deliver switch systems in Australia with a total sales volume of around €50 million
1,700-km freight line connects Melbourne and Brisbane; First switches for Inland Rail to be delivered in March 2021; Sales volume of around €50 million over five years [...]
12/15/2020 Investor News
Capital Markets Day: Vossloh presents corporate strategy and considers itself ideally positioned for the future
Railways attracting increased attention worldwide as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport; Increased levels of rail traffic will have a significant positive influence on Vossloh’s business in the medium and long term; Continuous monitoring [...]
12/14/2020 Investor News
Vossloh signs several multiyear service contracts for tram networks in France
Multiyear framework agreements signed for condition-based maintenance of trams in France; Contracts include condition guarantee for rail tracks and switch systems at a fixed price [...]
11/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh wins order for data-based condition monitoring of turnouts in Sweden
The multi-year order covers sensor equipment and monitoring of 1,000 turnouts of the customer Trafikverket; A precise understanding of the technical condition of turnouts is an important step on the way to more efficient maintenance and higher track [...]
10/29/2020 Investor News
Very good development after nine months at Vossloh, profitability expectations for 2020 raised
Portfolio-adjusted sales slightly above prior year despite pandemic effects; EBIT margin increases by four percentage points to 8.8 percent; Positive impact of performance program clearly apparent; Profitability expectations raised for the 2020 fiscal [...]
10/22/2020 Investor News
Strong earnings in the third quarter in the Vossloh Group - Profitability expectations for the full year raised
Based on the preliminary figures, Vossloh achieved an EBIT of € 24.5 million in the third quarter of 2020 (previous year: adjusted 11.4 million). Overall, EBIT after nine months thus amounts to € 54.5 million with sales of € 617.7 million (previous year: [...]
10/13/2020 Investor News
Changes to the Executive Board of Vossloh AG
Dr. Thomas Triska and Jan Furnivall joining the Group Executive Board; Dr. Karl Martin Runge leaving the Executive Board at the end of October 31, 2020 [...]
10/05/2020 Product news
Machining new rails at 60 km/h on Sofia's new metro line
Before the new No. 3 metro line in Sofia went into operation in late August of 2020, Vossloh gave the newly-laid rails an initial grinding to prepare them for service. Removing the factory mill-scale not only extends a rail's service life considerably, [...]
09/28/2020 Product news
Vossloh supplies fastening systems for new heavy-haul line in Mongolia
Equipment of the heavy-haul line between Tavan Tolgoi and Gashuun Sukhait for transporting raw materials to China; Rail fastening system perfectly geared to the requirements in Mongolia; Deliveries started in summer 2020 [...]
09/22/2020 Product news
Despite InnoTrans postponement in the constant dialog with our customers
Even if InnoTrans has been postponed to the end of April 2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down, Vossloh makes an important contribution every day to sustainably increasing the profitability of rail track operators. [...]
08/26/2020 Product news
Vossloh supplies rail fasteners for further sections of the new rail link of Etihad Rail
Successful bid in the invitation to tender for the delivery of rail fastening systems for Packages 2B and C of the UAE rail link of the Gulf Cooperation Council; Deliveries started in July 2020 [...]
07/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh wins another major order for rail fastening systems in China
Order volume equivalent to more than €30 million with deliveries beginning in 2022; Order win underlines continued strong market position in China [...]
07/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh with good performance in the first half of the year, outlook for 2020 confirmed
EBIT and EBITDA up on previous year; Positive impact of 2019 performance program clearly visible; Negative impact of COVID-19 relatively moderate in first half of 2020; Outlook for 2020 confirmed from today’s perspective [...]
07/27/2020 Product news
Compelling milling concept in the Netherlands
Vossloh is currently using several milling machines per shift in order to make the best use of possession times of as little as four hours for its customer. [...]
07/23/2020 Product news
Vossloh produces one billionth tension clamp in Werdohl
On July 22 2020, Vossloh Fastening Systems celebrated the production of its one billionth tension clamp at its Werdohl headquarters. This quantity is enough to equip some 150,000 kilometers of track with rail fasteners, equivalent to about four round-the- [...]
07/03/2020 Product news
Semi-stationary welding for Utrecht's new Sneltram
By setting up mobile welding machines in semi-stationary operation, Vossloh has found an economical and logistically outstanding solution for its Dutch customer and its construction site partners. [...]
06/15/2020 Product news
Vossloh wins contract for the supply of rail fastening systems to Uruguay
First Vossloh project in Uruguay; Production of W 21 rail fastening system for 273 km long new railway line; Deliveries in 2020 and 2021 [...]
05/29/2020 Investor News
Vossloh completes the sale of its locomotive business
Locomotives sale to CRRC ZELC completed effective May 31; Transformation into a provider of solely rail infrastructure is complete [...]
05/27/2020 Investor News
Vossloh's Annual General Meeting: All agenda items approved by a large majority
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube confirmed as a member of the Supervisory Board and, in the subsequent meeting of the Board, also as its Chairman; Dr. Bettina Volkens and Dr. Roland Bosch join the Supervisory Board [...]
04/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh has a successful start to the 2020 fiscal year; orders received and profitability significantly above previous year
Orders received rose by 15.6 percent to €291.9 million on a portfolio-adjusted basis; Portfolio-adjusted sales about 3 percent above the previous year; EBIT significantly higher than previous year at €16.5 million (previous year: €(0.6) million); [...]
04/27/2020 Investor News
Vossloh announces preliminary results for the first quarter of 2020
Vossloh achieved sales despite initial effects from the COVID-19 pandemic of €182.9 million in the first quarter of 2020, slightly above the portfolio-adjusted figure of €177.5 million in the previous year (reported previous year’s figure: €190.0 million). [...]
04/16/2020 Investor News
Executive Board and Supervisory Board recommend suspending dividend payments for the 2019 fiscal year – virtual Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 27, 2020
Due to the restrictions on gatherings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board determined today to make use of the new legal regulations to limit the effects of the pandemic of March 27, 2020 and to conduct the 2020 [...]
03/23/2020 Product news
Vossloh wins contract for new rail link in the United Arab Emirates
Supply of rail fasteners and turnouts for Package 2A of the railway line of the Gulf Cooperation Council which will link Ruwais with Ghuweifat at the UAE border with Saudi Arabia; Deliveries until late October 2020 [...]
03/19/2020 Investor News
Vossloh increases sales and EBIT (2019 adjusted), performance program extensively implemented
Sales up 5.9 percent to €916.4 million; Adjusted EBIT (€55.7 million) above previous year and higher than recently expected; Dividend proposal for 2019 at €1.00 per share is subject to further developments of the COVID-19 pandemic [...]
03/11/2020 Product news
Tampere Tramway Ltd orders a HSG-city grinding machine for its tram network
When it comes to the rails of its tram network, which is scheduled to start operations in the late summer of 2021, the Finnish city of Tampere has its money on prevention right from the outset. Tampere Tramway Ltd has ordered a HSG-city. [...]

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