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Vossloh is a leading global rail technology company. Rail infrastructure is the core business of the Group. We offer our customers throughout the world integrated solutions from a single source. We make an important contribution to the mobility of people and the transport of commodities – safe, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Mobility on the rails is at the heart of our business success because we optimize track availability – always and worldwide. Vossloh is green because rail is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport.
Discover our contribution to rail-based sustainable mobility.

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€1,214.3 mill.

* Fiscal year 2023

Our product groups

Rail fastening systems

Our rail fastening systems offer flexibility in the superstructures of rail infrastructure. Alongside customized solutions for diverse fields of application, customer requirements and climate zones, we also organize the development of technical standards.

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Turnout systems

Vossloh, a worldwide leading provider of turnout technology, offers solutions for all rail networks in order to ensure economical, safe and environmentally friendly transport of passengers and goods.

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Signalling systems

In the signalling systems area, Vossloh provides EDV supported relay interlocking systems, remote actuation and monitoring systems and diversion controls for heavy-load networks.

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Signalling products

The safety products include switch drives, which are suitable for conventional tracks, urban transport systems, and high-speed and heavy load transport.

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Rail and turnouts maintenance

Our service portfolio for maintenance and preventive care offers coordinated and optimized use for all rail types. We ensure value maintenance and safety on modern railways through innovative grinding processes and milling technology.

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Track Supply

Vossloh ensures coordinated just-in-time delivery of long rails and switch systems to the track construction site. The logistics portfolio is topped off with stationary and mobile welding services of the highest quality.

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Concrete Ties

A comprehensive range of pre-stressed concrete railroad ties and turnout ties is manufactured according to customer specifications.

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Concrete crossing panels

A complete full-width / full-depth concrete grade crossing system for the railroad industry.

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Latest press releases

07/25/2024 Investor News
Vossloh achieves record orders received and increases profitability in the first half of 2024
Orders received increased by 11.7 percent to €769.6 million; Sales revenues of €560.9 million, slightly below the previous year's record of €600.6 million; EBIT stable at the previous year's high level of €49.5 million (€49.3 million); EBIT margin from [...]
07/19/2024 Investor News
Vossloh expands service business in France and acquires the service provider France Aiguillages Services (FAS)
Vossloh expands its service portfolio for switches and associated signaling systems in France; Supplementing the range of services, in particular for the French state-owned railway company SNCF [...]
06/26/2024 Investor News
Vossloh honored with German Brand Award 2024
Campaign for the launch of the Vossloh connect digital platform impresses jury and wins awards in five categories; Vossloh connect offers his clients a one-stop shop [...]
06/18/2024 Investor News
Vossloh celebrates the inauguration of the first series production for the EPS composite sleeper developed in-house
Vossloh inaugurates the first production line for Engineered Polymer Sleeper (EPS) in Nowe Skalmierzyce, Poland; The highly innovative and sustainable product [...]
06/03/2024 Investor News
Vossloh wins further order for rail fastening systems in the Chinese high-speed network
Order value more than €20 million; Deliveries mainly expected in the second half of 2024 [...]
05/21/2024 Investor News
Vossloh expands service portfolio in Northern Europe through acquisition of Scandinavian Track Group (STG)
STG is a leading company in the fields of switch services and track-specific welding services in Sweden; The acquisition completes Vossloh's range of services and will cover the entire life cycle of switches in the future; The transaction represents a [...]
05/15/2024 Investor News
Vossloh Annual General Meeting approves all proposed resolutions by a large majority
Review of an extremely successful financial year 2023; Further improvement in earnings and profitability expected for 2024; Dividend of €1.05 per share (previous year: €1.00) resolved [...]
05/08/2024 Investor News
Vossloh receives another major order to supply rail fastening systems in China
Systems serve the construction of two high-speed lines; The order is valued at the equivalent of around €40 million; Deliveries planned from 2025 [...]
04/25/2024 Investor News
Vossloh with renewed sales growth and significant EBIT increase in the opening quarter of the 2024 financial year
Sales rise to the highest level in an opening quarter of €268.8 million; EBIT improves by 27.4 percent to €17.9 million; Orders received significantly exceed Sales and rise to €350.1 million; Net income and Earnings per share more than [...]
03/21/2024 Investor News
Vossloh achieves record sales and significant increase in EBIT in the 2023 financial year
Sales increase by 16.1% and reach record figure of €1,214.3 million; Orders received slightly above sales level at €1,217.4 million; EBIT of €98.5 million exceeds previous year's result by 26.2% • Free cash flow more than doubled to €70.9 million; Proposed [...]
03/20/2024 Investor News
Vossloh extends contract of CEO Oliver Schuster until 2030
The Supervisory Board has decided to entrust Oliver Schuster with the management of the rail infrastructure specialist for a further five years; Schuster joined Vossloh as Chief Financial Officer in 2014 and has been at the head of the company since 2019 [...]
02/22/2024 Investor News
Vossloh concludes sustainability-linked syndicated loan at attractive conditions
ESG-linked syndicated loan of €240 million concluded with a minimum term of five years; Refinancing of the 2017 syndicated loan at attractive conditions; Expansion of flexibility for the targeted profitable company growth [...]
11/30/2023 Investor News
Vossloh expands cooperation with Deutsche Bahn
Four-year framework agreement signed for at least 600 switches in the Customized Modules division; High demand from Deutsche Bahn also boosts the Lifecycle Solutions and Core Components divisions; Innovation day with Deutsche Bahn strengthens the [...]
10/26/2023 Investor News
Vossloh continues strong business development also in third quarter of 2023
Order backlog remains at a very high level of €782.0 million; Sales revenues of €925.9 million represent 22.4 percent increase compared to previous year; EBIT reaches €76.9 million in the first nine months (previous year: €55.0 million); Free cash [...]
10/10/2023 Investor News
Vossloh introduces the platform ‘Vossloh connect’ with innovative digital solutions transforming the railway industry
The user-friendly platform provides tailormade, data-driven solutions all around rail infrastructure; Advanced analytics and alert systems help to optimize maintenance, increase safety and to enhance the availability of the rail infrastructure [...]
10/09/2023 Investor News
Vossloh is a finalist for the prestigious German Sustainability Award 2023
The German Sustainability Award (Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis DNP), Europe's largest award for ecological and social commitment, recognizes the pioneers of sustainability in Germany; Vossloh honored for its commitment to green mobility with a place in [...]
10/02/2023 Investor News
Vossloh strengthens position in Danish market through long-term framework agreement with Banedanmark
Significant expansion of market share in switch business in Denmark; Framework agreement with a four-year term and sales volume of around €40 million; Customer proximity as a key success factor [...]
09/20/2023 Investor News
Vossloh wins another contract to supply rail fastening systems in China
Systems serve the construction of two high-speed lines; Order value equivalent to around €20 million; Deliveries planned for the second half of 2024 [...]
09/18/2023 Investor News
Vossloh enters into strategic partnership with Swedish digitalization specialist Predge
Strategic cooperation to develop a forecast model for point machines; Predge brings extensive expertise in data analytics and artificial intelligence [...]
09/14/2023 Investor News
Vossloh expands its monitoring portfolio and further strengthens its digital expertise
Acquisition of extensive technology for camera-based train and wagon identification as well as for the collection of important condition data, for example of wheels and brakes; Integration of RailWatch GmbH's workforce, in particular the entire development [...]
09/12/2023 Investor News
Deutsche Bahn and Vossloh expand their cooperation in preventive rail maintenance
High-speed grinding exclusively offered by Vossloh worldwide prevents rail defects and extends rail life; DB Netz AG orders the maintenance of at least 13,000 km of its high-performance network in 2024; Framework contract also includes digital recording [...]
08/03/2023 Investor News
Vossloh continues positive trend in Q2 2023
Order backlog remains at record level of €859.4 million; Sales revenues increased from €476.4 million in the previous year to €600.6 million in the first half of the year; EBIT for the six-month period increased considerably to €49.3 million (previous [...]
07/27/2023 Investor News
Vossloh issues ESG-linked Schuldschein loans of €60 million
Attractive interest rate level secured compared to current market environment; Linkage to ambitious EU taxonomy indicator underscores Vossloh's sustainability claim; Transaction proceeds expand financial room for activities [...]
06/15/2023 Investor News
Vossloh raises sales and EBIT guidance for full year 2023
Sales expectation raised from €1.05 billion to €1.15 billion to between €1.125 billion and €1.2 billion; EBIT forecast raised from €79 million to €88 million to between €87 million and €94 million, with profitability increasing slightly on average [...]
06/07/2023 Investor News
Vossloh secures another major contract for the delivery of rail fastening systems in China
Contract concerns the construction of a new high-speed line; The contract is worth the equivalent of just under €50 million; Deliveries mostly planned for 2024 [...]
05/24/2023 Investor News
Vossloh AGM: Attendance event in Düsseldorf; broad approval by shareholders for all resolutions proposed
Review of a very successful fiscal year 2022; Growth trend continues in 2023 with record order backlog, sales, and EBIT; All shareholder representatives on the Supervisory Board re-elected; Dividend of €1.00 per share approved [...]
04/27/2023 Investor News
Vossloh successfully starts fiscal year 2023 with record sales and highest operating EBIT in 12 years
Sales rise to new record high of €256.3 million in a first quarter; EBIT improves by 73.7 percent from €8.1 million to €14.0 million; Orders received reach €344.9 million, order backlog at an all-time high of €868.6 million; Outlook for 2023 [...]
03/16/2023 Investor News
Vossloh achieves significant increases in orders received, sales revenues and earnings in 2022
Orders received reach record level of €1.25 billion (+31.6 percent vs. 2021); Sales revenues up 11.0 percent year on year to €1.05 billion; EBIT of €78.1 million at highest level in 10 years (+8.0 percent vs. 2021); EBIT margin of 7.5 percent at [...]
03/15/2023 Investor News
Executive Board contracts of Dr. Thomas Triska and Jan Furnivall extended
Supervisory Board appoints Dr. Thomas Triska (CFO) and Jan Furnivall (COO) for a further five years; Continuity in the Vossloh Group's successful development ensured [...]
12/15/2022 Investor News
Vossloh succeeds in flagship project for data-based switch monitoring in Sweden
Important milestone achieved in Trafikverket’s trend-setting multi-year contract for data-based monitoring of 1,000 switches; Vossloh’s highly innovative solution fully meets the contractually defined set of requirements; Digital expertise in [...]
10/27/2022 Investor News
Vossloh with very successful third quarter. After nine months sales, orders received and order backlog significantly above previous year. Profitability at a strong 7.3 percent
Sales revenues increased by 8.3 percent year on year to €756.2 million; Orders received at €962.0 million (+44.2 percent vs. previous year), order backlog at €814.6 million (+46.8 percent vs. previous year); EBIT margin of 7.3 percent (Q3: 9.3 percent) [...]
10/17/2022 Investor News
Vossloh with strong third quarter and positive outlook for the year - sales and earnings guidance for 2022 specified
Sales guidance specified at €1.0 billion to €1.05 billion (previously: €0.95 billion to €1.05 billion); EBIT margin now forecasted between 7.0% and 7.5% (previously: 6% to 8%); Positive outlook overall due to continuous efficiency improvements and [...]
09/21/2022 Investor News
Vossloh at InnoTrans 2022: Innovative products and services for greater availability of the rail track
Vossloh presents pioneering innovations in rail infrastructure under the motto “enabling green mobility”; A portfolio of digital solutions helps rail operators to increase the availability of their networks and reduce lifecycle costs; UNIFE study [...]
09/19/2022 Product news
The new M-Generation of Vossloh tension clamps withstands the toughest loads
Significantly increasing passenger numbers and a consistent shift of freight traffic to environmentally friendly rail will inevitably lead to acute strains on the rail infrastructure. In order to make the rail infrastructure as a whole more durable and... [...]
09/15/2022 Investor News
Framework agreement for preventive rail maintenance with Deutsche Bahn significantly extended
DB Netz AG orders high-speed grinding of at least 12,000 km in 2023; Extension of the existing framework agreement in connection with integrated and digital measurement and analysis technology; Focus on Deutsche Bahn's high-performance network [...]
09/13/2022 Product news
Basis of green mobility with smart turnout drive mechanisms and sensor-based measuring and monitoring technologies
For maximizing the track availability, turnouts are the ideal gateway for the continuous sensor-based collection of condition data. Since turnouts are not only the point where tracks converge or diverge but also a hub for various signalling and control [...]
09/09/2022 Product news
Smart Maintenance ‘on the fly’: The future belongs to digital-based rail processing for the rail timetable
With the strong growth in rail traffic, the load on existing lines will also increase. This increases the importance of maintaining the existing network as well as possible, preventively, so as not to jeopardize the availability of the heavily used [...]
08/03/2022 Investor News
Vossloh remains on growth track in the first half of 2022 – rising profitability expected in the second half of the year
Orders received (+50.9 percent year on year) and order backlog (+41.6 percent year on year) reach historic highs; Sales revenues up 3.0 percent year on year to €476.4 million; EBIT of €28.9 million despite enormous rise in procurement prices; [...]
06/02/2022 Product news
Green perspectives for urban transport: HSG-city to grind metro rail network in Oslo
The Oslo local transport operator Sporveien has ordered an HSG-city grinding machine to combine strategic goals like high customer satisfaction, maximum reliability and safety with an increased capacity of the network. Vossloh wants to strengthen the urban [...]
05/18/2022 Investor News
Vossloh's Annual General Meeting: Shareholders given a positive review and outlook on the Company's development and approve proposed resolutions
Look back at strong sales revenues and earnings in the 2021 fiscal year; Positive development continues in 2022 with record demand; High degree of approval of all agenda items; Shareholders also approve dividend proposal of €1.00 per share [...]
05/16/2022 Investor News
Vossloh to supply rail fastening systems for high-speed line in Egypt
Contract value equivalent to more than €40 million; Deliveries of the systems will take place until 2024; Order win strengthens position in the important Egyptian marke [...]
05/12/2022 Investor News
Vossloh adjusts sales revenues and earnings guidance for 2022
Sales revenues guidance raised to between €0.95 billion and €1.05 billion; EBIT margin of between 6 and 8 percent expected; Double-digit EBIT margins still targeted for all divisions in the medium term [...]
04/28/2022 Investor News
Vossloh successfully starts into the 2022 fiscal year with sales growth and a peak order backlog
Record orders received of €378.2 million in first quarter, peak value for order backlog at €772.4 million; Sales revenues up 7.3 percent year on year to €222.2 million; EBIT reaches €8.1 million despite higher material and energy prices; Outlook for [...]
03/28/2022 Investor News
Vossloh wins another major order for rail fastening systems in China
Order value amounts to the equivalent of approximately €50 million ; Deliveries planned in 2023 and 2024; Third major order of this kind within a few months [...]
03/17/2022 Investor News
Vossloh with strong growth in sales revenues and earnings in 2021 despite ongoing burdens from Covid 19 pandemic
Sales up 8.4 % year on year to €942.8 million; EBIT margin increases from operating 6.6 % in previous year to 7.7 %; Proposed dividend of €1.00 per share; Outlook 2022: Vossloh expects continued increase in sales and EBIT [...]
02/23/2022 Investor News
Vossloh wins another major order for rail fastening systems in China
Order relates to the construction of a new high-speed line on the Chinese east coast; Order value equivalent to nearly €40 million; Deliveries in 2022 and 2023 [...]
02/03/2022 Investor News
Vossloh wins one of the biggest infrastructure contracts in the company's history
Vossloh to supply around 1.3 million concrete sleepers for 'Inland Rail' construction project in Australia; Delivery of sleepers planned from 2022 to 2027; Order volume equivalent to around €90 million [...]
01/19/2022 Investor News
Vossloh wins order from China to supply world's first zero-emission high-speed grinding trains
Order includes the delivery of initially three machines, Completely emission-free grinding operation possible for the first time, China currently Vossloh's most important market for innovative rail maintenance [...]
01/12/2022 Investor News
Vossloh issues 7-year Schuldschein loan with fixed interest rate of 0.8 percent per year
Transaction of €25 million significantly oversubscribed; Attractive interest rate due to substantially improved balance sheet structure [...]
12/15/2021 Investor News
Vossloh’s leading logistics expertise enables successful modernization of the Berlin – Hamburg high-speed line in record time
Vossloh's services from a single source enable on-time modernization of Deutsche Bahn's Berlin-Hamburg line; Vossloh was responsible for just-in-time logistics and supplied 400,000 meters of welded long rails [...]
12/14/2021 Investor News
Vossloh wins another major order from China for rail fastening systems
Order value of over €30 million; Deliveries largely planned for 2022; Contract award underpins unchanged strong market position in the high-speed market in China [...]
12/01/2021 Investor News
Vossloh wins major contract in Turkey for the supply of rail infrastructure components
New double-track high-speed line connects the cities of Bandirma, Bursa and Osmaneli; Contract covers supply of 147 turnouts and additional track materials; Turkey plans extensive expansion of high-speed network in the next few years [...]
10/28/2021 Investor News
Significant increase in Vossloh’s sales revenues and earnings in the first nine months of 2021
Sales revenues up 13.1 percent year on year to €698.4 million; Significant improvement in EBIT to €62.2 million; Important framework agreements signed; Raised forecast for 2021 confirmed [...]
10/25/2021 Investor News
Vossloh signs major framework contract for the supply of concrete sleepers in Australia
Customer Queensland Rail continues modernization of its wide-ranging rail network; Framework agreement runs for three years, sales volume in the order of €15 million [...]
08/05/2021 Investor News
Vossloh wins major contract for the supply of infrastructure components in Norway
Framework contract for equipping the Norwegian rail network with switches and crossings won from Bane NOR; Deliveries to start already in the course of the current year and run including options until 2029; Order volume of more than €80 million over to [...]
07/28/2021 Investor News
Vossloh performs strongly in the first half of the year and raises sales expectation for 2021
Sales up 17.7 percent year on year to €462.6 million; EBIT improves to 41.2 percent, EBIT margin increases to 9.2 percent; Significant framework agreements won; Sales guidance for 2021 raised, profitability targets confirmed; Agreement signed for [...]
07/27/2021 Investor News
Vossloh signs agreement to acquire ETS Spoor B.V. and expand its position in the important Dutch market
ETS Spoor B.V. is a leading one-stop shop provider of rail infrastructure products and services in the Netherlands; Acquisition strengthens competitive position and creates even more customer proximity in the Netherlands; Netherlands is an important [...]
07/23/2021 Product news
New Vossloh service company in Italy
The founding of Vossloh Rail Services Italia S.r.l. is both a consequence of the positive market development and part of Vossloh’s firm focus as an expert in asset management. Vossloh is now pooling its customer-specific resources in Italy as well in order [...]
07/19/2021 Investor News
Vossloh raises sales guidance for full-year 2021, EBIT margin guidance confirmed
For the current fiscal year, Vossloh expects higher sales than previously anticipated. From today's perspective, the Group estimates sales of between €900 million and €950 million. The previous outlook was in a corridor between €850 million and €925 [...]
06/01/2021 Product news
New milling tool for comprehensively machining grooved rails
Rheinbahn AG was looking for an innovative solution for the corrective maintenance of its grooved rails, and Vossloh developed a customized milling tool specifically designed for the purpose. The tool was used on the Düsseldorf-based, light rail operator’s [...]
05/19/2021 Investor News
Vossloh AGM: Looking back on a successful 2020 fiscal year, strong start into the current fiscal year
Rail as a mode of transport plays a key role in achieving climate targets; CEO Oliver Schuster explains in his speech Vossloh's outstanding positioning; All agenda items received a high approval, including a dividend of € 1.00 per share [...]
05/10/2021 Investor News
Vossloh wins long-term framework contract for the supply of tram turnouts
Vossloh to equip Brussels' tram network with turnouts and spare parts; Framework contract running until 2031; Total contract volume of nearly €40 million [...]
04/29/2021 Investor News
Vossloh with a very good start in the 2021 fiscal year, sales and operating profitability well above the previous year
Sales up 13.2 percent year on year; EBIT increases to €12.1 million (operating EBIT previous year: €0.9 million); EBITDA margin of 12.4 percent (operating EBITDA margin previous year: 7.2 percent); Hybrid note provides financial flexibility and [...]
03/25/2021 Investor News
The Thiele family remains committed to Vossloh through family trust
The Thiele family will remain committed to the Company as the main shareholder of Vossloh through a planned family trust. The family informed Vossloh that Mr. Thiele’s stake in Vossloh, held through holding companies, will be contributed into a [...]
03/18/2021 Investor News
Orders received and sales up when adjusted for portfolio effects, profitability significantly higher year on year
5.6 percent increase in portfolio-adjusted orders received, order backlog 8.2 percent higher year on year; Portfolio-adjusted sales slightly above previous year despite pandemic-related shifts of around €90 million; EBIT margin of 8.4 percent at the [...]
03/04/2021 Product news
One of Germany’s largest chemical complexes relies on MR.pro®
In the second quarter of 2020, InfraLeuna awarded the Rhomberg Sersa Vossloh cooperative the contract to digitalize the rail infrastructure at its chemical complex in order to optimize its long-term, track system management. With the successful completion [...]
02/24/2021 Investor News
Vossloh mourns the death of Heinz Hermann Thiele
The 79-year-old majority shareholder and former Chairman of Vossloh AG's Supervisory Board passed away yesterday, Tuesday, in Munich [...]
02/08/2021 Investor News
Vossloh wins extensive framework contract for the supply of switches in the Netherlands
Framework contract with a term until 2028; Major deliveries from 2022 on [...]
01/20/2021 Investor News
Vossloh receives major order to deliver switch systems in Australia with a total sales volume of around €50 million
1,700-km freight line connects Melbourne and Brisbane; First switches for Inland Rail to be delivered in March 2021; Sales volume of around €50 million over five years [...]
12/15/2020 Investor News
Capital Markets Day: Vossloh presents corporate strategy and considers itself ideally positioned for the future
Railways attracting increased attention worldwide as the most environmentally friendly mode of transport; Increased levels of rail traffic will have a significant positive influence on Vossloh’s business in the medium and long term; Continuous monitoring [...]
12/14/2020 Investor News
Vossloh signs several multiyear service contracts for tram networks in France
Multiyear framework agreements signed for condition-based maintenance of trams in France; Contracts include condition guarantee for rail tracks and switch systems at a fixed price [...]
11/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh wins order for data-based condition monitoring of turnouts in Sweden
The multi-year order covers sensor equipment and monitoring of 1,000 turnouts of the customer Trafikverket; A precise understanding of the technical condition of turnouts is an important step on the way to more efficient maintenance and higher track [...]
10/29/2020 Investor News
Very good development after nine months at Vossloh, profitability expectations for 2020 raised
Portfolio-adjusted sales slightly above prior year despite pandemic effects; EBIT margin increases by four percentage points to 8.8 percent; Positive impact of performance program clearly apparent; Profitability expectations raised for the 2020 fiscal [...]
10/22/2020 Investor News
Strong earnings in the third quarter in the Vossloh Group - Profitability expectations for the full year raised
Based on the preliminary figures, Vossloh achieved an EBIT of € 24.5 million in the third quarter of 2020 (previous year: adjusted 11.4 million). Overall, EBIT after nine months thus amounts to € 54.5 million with sales of € 617.7 million (previous year: [...]
10/13/2020 Investor News
Changes to the Executive Board of Vossloh AG
Dr. Thomas Triska and Jan Furnivall joining the Group Executive Board; Dr. Karl Martin Runge leaving the Executive Board at the end of October 31, 2020 [...]
10/05/2020 Product news
Machining new rails at 60 km/h on Sofia's new metro line
Before the new No. 3 metro line in Sofia went into operation in late August of 2020, Vossloh gave the newly-laid rails an initial grinding to prepare them for service. Removing the factory mill-scale not only extends a rail's service life considerably, [...]
09/28/2020 Product news
Vossloh supplies fastening systems for new heavy-haul line in Mongolia
Equipment of the heavy-haul line between Tavan Tolgoi and Gashuun Sukhait for transporting raw materials to China; Rail fastening system perfectly geared to the requirements in Mongolia; Deliveries started in summer 2020 [...]
09/22/2020 Product news
Despite InnoTrans postponement in the constant dialog with our customers
Even if InnoTrans has been postponed to the end of April 2021 and the COVID-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down, Vossloh makes an important contribution every day to sustainably increasing the profitability of rail track operators. [...]
08/26/2020 Product news
Vossloh supplies rail fasteners for further sections of the new rail link of Etihad Rail
Successful bid in the invitation to tender for the delivery of rail fastening systems for Packages 2B and C of the UAE rail link of the Gulf Cooperation Council; Deliveries started in July 2020 [...]
07/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh wins another major order for rail fastening systems in China
Order volume equivalent to more than €30 million with deliveries beginning in 2022; Order win underlines continued strong market position in China [...]
07/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh with good performance in the first half of the year, outlook for 2020 confirmed
EBIT and EBITDA up on previous year; Positive impact of 2019 performance program clearly visible; Negative impact of COVID-19 relatively moderate in first half of 2020; Outlook for 2020 confirmed from today’s perspective [...]
07/27/2020 Product news
Compelling milling concept in the Netherlands
Vossloh is currently using several milling machines per shift in order to make the best use of possession times of as little as four hours for its customer. [...]
07/23/2020 Product news
Vossloh produces one billionth tension clamp in Werdohl
On July 22 2020, Vossloh Fastening Systems celebrated the production of its one billionth tension clamp at its Werdohl headquarters. This quantity is enough to equip some 150,000 kilometers of track with rail fasteners, equivalent to about four round-the- [...]
07/03/2020 Product news
Semi-stationary welding for Utrecht's new Sneltram
By setting up mobile welding machines in semi-stationary operation, Vossloh has found an economical and logistically outstanding solution for its Dutch customer and its construction site partners. [...]
06/15/2020 Product news
Vossloh wins contract for the supply of rail fastening systems to Uruguay
First Vossloh project in Uruguay; Production of W 21 rail fastening system for 273 km long new railway line; Deliveries in 2020 and 2021 [...]
05/29/2020 Investor News
Vossloh completes the sale of its locomotive business
Locomotives sale to CRRC ZELC completed effective May 31; Transformation into a provider of solely rail infrastructure is complete [...]
05/27/2020 Investor News
Vossloh's Annual General Meeting: All agenda items approved by a large majority
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube confirmed as a member of the Supervisory Board and, in the subsequent meeting of the Board, also as its Chairman; Dr. Bettina Volkens and Dr. Roland Bosch join the Supervisory Board [...]
04/30/2020 Investor News
Vossloh has a successful start to the 2020 fiscal year; orders received and profitability significantly above previous year
Orders received rose by 15.6 percent to €291.9 million on a portfolio-adjusted basis; Portfolio-adjusted sales about 3 percent above the previous year; EBIT significantly higher than previous year at €16.5 million (previous year: €(0.6) million); [...]
04/27/2020 Investor News
Vossloh announces preliminary results for the first quarter of 2020
Vossloh achieved sales despite initial effects from the COVID-19 pandemic of €182.9 million in the first quarter of 2020, slightly above the portfolio-adjusted figure of €177.5 million in the previous year (reported previous year’s figure: €190.0 million). [...]
04/16/2020 Investor News
Executive Board and Supervisory Board recommend suspending dividend payments for the 2019 fiscal year – virtual Annual General Meeting scheduled for May 27, 2020
Due to the restrictions on gatherings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board determined today to make use of the new legal regulations to limit the effects of the pandemic of March 27, 2020 and to conduct the 2020 [...]
03/23/2020 Product news
Vossloh wins contract for new rail link in the United Arab Emirates
Supply of rail fasteners and turnouts for Package 2A of the railway line of the Gulf Cooperation Council which will link Ruwais with Ghuweifat at the UAE border with Saudi Arabia; Deliveries until late October 2020 [...]
03/19/2020 Investor News
Vossloh increases sales and EBIT (2019 adjusted), performance program extensively implemented
Sales up 5.9 percent to €916.4 million; Adjusted EBIT (€55.7 million) above previous year and higher than recently expected; Dividend proposal for 2019 at €1.00 per share is subject to further developments of the COVID-19 pandemic [...]
03/11/2020 Product news
Tampere Tramway Ltd orders a HSG-city grinding machine for its tram network
When it comes to the rails of its tram network, which is scheduled to start operations in the late summer of 2021, the Finnish city of Tampere has its money on prevention right from the outset. Tampere Tramway Ltd has ordered a HSG-city. [...]
02/10/2020 Investor News
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube appointed new Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vossloh AG
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube appointed a member of the Supervisory Board by the court; Supervisory Board elects Prof. Dr. Grube as new Chairman [...]
01/06/2020 Investor News
Personnel changes on the Supervisory Board of Vossloh AG
Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Grube former CEO of Deutsche Bahn AG shall become a new member of the Supervisory Board and assume the chairmanship of the Supervisory Board; Dr. Bernhard Düttmann has resigned as member of Vossloh AG's Supervisory Board with effect [...]
11/07/2019 Investor News
Sale of Cleveland Track Material Inc. successfully completed
Progress Rail acquires largest U.S. group company in Vossloh‘s turnout business; Significant milestone reached for strengthening profitability and self-financing capability [...]
10/24/2019 Investor News
After nine months, sales and orders received well above previous year; effects of performance program increasingly concretized
Group sales after nine months 2019 up 6.2 % year-on-year; Adjusted EBIT margin declined slightly to 4.8 % for project-related reasons; Orders received increased by 11.7 % in reporting period; Important success in portfolio streamlining of core [...]
10/22/2019 Investor News
Vossloh streamlines portfolio and concretizes the effects of the performance program
Contract signed for sale of the largest U.S. Group company in the Customized Modules division; Further portfolio streamlining resolved; Ongoing performance program with a positive cash effect already in place in the current fiscal year; Outlook for [...]
09/23/2019 Product news
Vossloh awarded ProRail rail maintenance contract in the Netherlands
ProRail has awarded Vossloh its corrective rail maintenance tender in the Netherlands, and it's the first time that it has preferred milling over conventional grinding for the corrective removal of rail defects. The frame contract is valid for four years. [...]
09/16/2019 Investor News
Replacement of the Executive Board of Vossloh Group
Current Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Mr. Oliver Schuster, becomes new Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO); Mr. Dr. Karl Martin Runge has been appointed to the Executive Board; CEO Andreas Busemann and Executive Board member Volker Schenk resign [...]
08/28/2019 Investor News
Progress toward strengthening the core business of the Vossloh Group
Strong strategic partner found for Vossloh Locomotives; Increased focus on expansion of the rail infrastructure business from now on; significant step taken in China; EBIT margin in the double-digit range targeted in all divisions following the [...]
08/26/2019 Investor News
Vossloh signs contract on the divestiture of its Locomotives business
Strategically important step towards focusing Vossloh on its core business rail infrastructure; Strategic and strong partner was gained with CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive; Closing of the transaction expected in the coming months [...]
07/25/2019 Investor News
Orders received and order backlog significantly above previous year, implementation of performance program on track
Group sales 4.6 % higher year-on-year; Orders received increased by 18.6 %, order backlog by 33.7 %; Performance program with good progress; 2019 outlook for operational business confirmed, assessment 2020 unchanged good [...]
07/04/2019 Product news
Spatenstich für Fabrik der Zukunft von Vossloh in Werdohl
Fabrik der Zukunft stärkt die Standorte Werdohl und Lüdenscheid; Vossloh wird 2021 über die modernste und leistungsfähigste Fertigung weltweit für Schienenbefestigungen verfügen [...]
06/26/2019 Investor News
Vossloh: Austrak wins major Rio Tinto order
Concrete ties supplied to Rio Tinto Koodaideri mining project in North Western Australia; Deliveries expected in fiscal year 2020 [...]
05/22/2019 Investor News
Vossloh Annual General Meeting: All agenda items passed by a large majority
Dividend proposal of €1.00 per share approved; Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta elected to the Supervisory Board [...]
05/06/2019 Investor News
Vossloh: Another major order won for rail fastening systems in China
Order volume of about €40 million with deliveries mainly scheduled from 2020 onwards; Order won underlines the positive outlook for 2020 [...]
04/25/2019 Investor News
Vossloh: Sales and orders received significantly higher year-on-year
Group sales after three months of about €190 million 6.6 percent higher than in the previous year; Orders received of €281 million increased by around 33 percent year-on-year; Essential cornerstones of a performance program to sustainably increase [...]
04/23/2019 Investor News
Vossloh resolves cornerstones for a performance program and publishes key figures for the first quarter of 2019 in advance
Essential cornerstones of a performance program decided; Outlook for the operational business in 2019 confirmed; Sales and EBIT development in the first quarter of 2019 within expectations; Orders received again at a very high level [...]
04/17/2019 Investor News
Vossloh signs long-term framework agreements for switch components in Sweden and Italy with a total sales volume of up to €100 million
Framework agreements include the supply of switch components for the Swedish and Italian markets; Swedish framework agreements have a term of up to eight years with a sales volume of over €75 million; Framework agreement in Italy with a term of two [...]
04/15/2019 Product news
Vossloh bundles railway service expertise in France
With Vossloh Services France SAS, founded in April 2019, Vossloh offers to the market customized rail and switch systems maintenance services, technical assistance and training. Vossloh is positioning itself as an asset management specialist [...]
04/02/2019 Investor News
Ulrich M. Harnacke takes over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vossloh AG
Ulrich M. Harnacke elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board; Supervisory Board proposes that the Annual General Meeting appoint Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta as a new member of the Supervisory Board [...]
03/28/2019 Investor News
Vossloh reports strong order intake in 2018 and proposes dividend of €1.00 per share
Orders received up significantly by 12.9 percent in 2018; As expected, sales and earnings performance in 2018 marked by weaker project-related sales in China: Dividend proposal for financial year 2018 stable at €1.00 per share; Outlook for key [...]
03/04/2019 Investor News
Vossloh: Dr.-Ing. Volker Kefer resigns from Supervisory Board
Dr.-Ing. Volker Kefer resigned from his position as member and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vossloh AG for personal reasons today, effective immediately. [...]
01/03/2019 Investor News
Vossloh has completed the acquisition of the rail milling business of STRABAG Rail GmbH
Required closing conditions fulfilled; Acquisition strengthens milling business in Lifecycle Solutions division [...]
12/06/2018 Investor News
Another major order from China for Vossloh rail fastening systems
Delivery for new high-speed line between Weifang and Laixi is third major order won for Vossloh in China in the year 2018; Order volume of about €20 million, deliveries mainly in 2019 [...]
11/30/2018 Investor News
Vossloh has completed the acquisition of Austrak
Closing conditions for the acquisition of the Australian concrete ties manufacturer completely fulfilled; Austrak acquisition strengthens competitive position in the Australian growth market [...]
11/19/2018 Investor News
Additional major order from China for rail fastening systems
Award of the order to Vossloh underscores the continued strong market position in the high-speed segment in China; Order volume of €35 million, with deliveries starting in 2020 according to current information [...]
11/16/2018 Product news
State-of-the-art Vossloh foundry starts operations in Outreau
The first major phase of the "OT 2020” project has been completed more than two years after the project was launched. The new foundry officially kicked off production [...]
11/05/2018 Investor News
Vossloh expands service activities in the rail milling segment
Acquisition of the rail milling business of STRABAG Rail GmbH; Milling business as an ideal complement to the existing High Speed Grinding (HSG) business [...]
10/30/2018 Product news
Rail quality of the highest caliber
For a good two years now, Vossloh's HSG grinding trains have been used to keep the qual-ity of the rails in the Gotthard Base Tunnel at a consistently high level. [...]
10/25/2018 Investor News
Orders received after nine months above the previous year, EBIT margin at 5.7 percent
Business with rail fastening systems in China remains as expected well below the high level of the previous year; Slight sales growth in switch business and service business; Orders received significantly above sales after three quarters; Group guidance [...]
09/18/2018 Product news
Vossloh and Rhomberg Sersa create joint venture to strengthen their infrastructure competence
With a joint venture, Vossloh and Rhomberg Sersa are strengthening their integral approach to an optimized lifecycle management of the rail track. The related contract was signed today on the leading international trade fair for [...]
09/18/2018 Product news
Maximum track availability with “Vossloh Continuous Track Controlling powered by Frauscher”
At the InnoTrans 2018, Vossloh and Frauscher Sensortechnik will be unveiling their joint development in the field of continuous real-time monitoring of the condition of entire railway lines. Called “Continuous Track Controlling” (CTC), it is geared [...]
09/18/2018 Investor News
InnoTrans 2018: Vossloh presents the future of the smart railway
Trade fair presentation under the motto “The Smart Rail Track by Vossloh”: Innovative solutions for rail tracks; Vossloh and Frauscher join forces for maximum track availability and efficient, condition-based maintenance; The UNIFE expert study [...]
09/18/2018 Product news
For a positive environmental balance of rail as a mode of transport
Noise control is not the least of the factors contributing to maximum track availability. Noise emissions are an obstacle to network extension, they cause illness and they cause high costs. Vossloh is successfully addressing this issue directly at the root [...]
09/18/2018 Product news
Added value starts with product design
As technology leader in the field of rail infrastructure, Vossloh will be demonstrating its R&D capabilities at this year’s InnoTrans in a very special way. In its “Industrial Excellence & Innovations” area, the focus will be on innovative materials and [...]
09/18/2018 Product news
Rail maintenance made easy
At the InnoTrans in Berlin, Vossloh will be presenting its comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the condition-based rail and turnout maintenance. The most recent addition to the equipment family is the compact Multi Purpose Milling (MPM) machine. All [...]
09/18/2018 Product news
Entry into a networked world
In Berlin, Vossloh will be presenting several sensor-based measuring and monitoring technologies for turnout systems that are of particular relevance for managing maintenance, the most cost-intensive aspect in the life cycle of a turnout. “Digital Turnout [...]
09/03/2018 Product news
Economic benefits from regular turnout maintenance with Flexis
Since April of 2013, the infrastructure operator bayernhafen has been commissioning Vossloh to carry out mill scale removal and maintenance grinding on the turnouts at its Nuremberg location. Thanks to regular machining, there has been a significant [...]
08/03/2018 Investor News
Vossloh expands product portfolio in Australian growth market with the acquisition of the tie manufacturer Austrak
Vossloh acquires Austrak Pty Ltd., Australia’s leading manufacturer of concrete ties; The transaction expands Vossloh’s product portfolio in Australia; Closing is expected following the merger control clearance in the third quarter of 2018 [...]
08/01/2018 Investor News
Second quarter of 2018 characterized by renewed high orders received and an EBIT margin of almost 9 percent
Orders received in the first half of the year 9.7 percent higher than in the previous year ; Group sales after six months 7.5 percent below the comparable figure in 2017, primarily driven by project-related volatility in the Core Components division and [...]
07/03/2018 Investor News
Vossloh and CN have signed multi-year supply agreements
Agreements strengthen long-term market position of Vossloh in focus market North America - Supply of concrete ties and special trackwork (turnouts) over multiple years [...]
05/09/2018 Investor News
Vossloh's Annual General Meeting: Dividend payment approved for the 2017 fiscal year
Dr.-Ing. Volker Kefer confirmed as Chairman of the Supervisory Board; Prof. Dr. Anne Christine d’Arcy and Dr. Bernhard Düttmann newly elected to the Supervisory Board; Dividend proposal of €1.00 per share approved by a large majority [...]
04/26/2018 Investor News
Vossloh: Seasonally typical slow start to 2018 as expected
Group sales of around €178 million in first three months, EBIT of €1.6 million; Orders received up 4.7 percent to approximately €211 million; Much stronger business performance starting in March, guidance for 2018 confirmed; Order won in China in [...]
04/19/2018 Investor News
€30 million order won for rail fastening systems in China
Award of an order to Vossloh underscores the Company’s continued good market position in China; Majority of deliveries are planned for 2019 [...]
04/16/2018 Product news
Complete rail audit of the tram network in Le Havre
The network operator Compagnie des Transports de la Porte Océane (CTPO, a Transdev subsidiary) contracted Vossloh to determine and analyze the condition of the track rail infrastructure of Le Havre's entire tram network. The latest measurement and testing [...]
03/22/2018 Investor News
Vossloh to propose dividend payment at Annual General Meeting after strong development of core business in 2017
Significant increase in sales and profitability above expectations in 2017; Vossloh Locomotives reported under discontinued operations; Return to positive value added in the core business for the first time in years; Resumption of dividend payments [...]
02/16/2018 Investor News
Transportation division will be presented as ‘discontinued operations’ – preliminary figures for 2017 and guidance for 2018
Progress with sales discussions for the last remaining business unit of the Transportation division leads to its presentation as discontinued operations - EBIT for the Vossloh Group of €70.3 million in 2017, EBIT margin from continuing operations of 7.7% [...]
12/13/2017 Investor News
Vossloh AG completes comprehensive restructuring of Group financing
Syndicated loan of €150 million concluded with a minimum term of five years; Replacement of 2015 syndicated loan under significantly improved conditions; Creation of additional flexibility for targeted growth [...]
11/02/2017 Product news
German Railway Authority's approval of HSG-city creates new application opportunities
Having successfully entered the market for underground and tram systems, the HSG-city can now also be used on main-line and rapid transit interurban railways. [...]
10/26/2017 Investor News
Vossloh starts modern production site of rail fastening systems in Russia
German-Russian joint venture with local added value; Focus of the technology alliance is the modernization of the Russian railroad network; High-ranking guests from politics and business present at the opening ceremony [...]
10/25/2017 Investor News
Sales and EBIT of the Vossloh Group above previous year after nine months of 2017
Sales increase by 12.1% primarily due to the initial consolidation of the Tie Technologies business unit in 2017; Particularly good earnings development in the Core Components division causes Group EBIT to rise by 20.9%; Net income significantly improv [...]
09/21/2017 Product news
High Speed Grinding Technology deployed in France for the first time
The operating company Tisséo is commissioning Vossloh to carry out preventive maintenance on Toulouse's tram network. The three-year framework agreement signed also contains two extension options each for one year. The first grinding deployments [...]
07/26/2017 Investor News
Vossloh makes good progress: Sales and EBIT well above previous year
Sales increase by 16.7 %, partly due to the initial consolidation of the new Tie Technologies business unit; EBIT rises by 37.1 % by virtue of good development in the Core Components division in particular; Group forecast for 2017 confirmed [...]
07/12/2017 Investor News
Vossloh AG issues Schuldschein loan of over €250 million
Four tranches with maturity terms of four and seven years issued; High demand from institutional investors, clear oversubscription and attractive conditions; Further essential milestone of medium- and long-term Group financing achieved [...]
05/24/2017 Investor News
Vossloh General Meeting: new chairmen of the Executive and Supervisory Boards introduce themselves
Dr. Volker Kefer succeeds Heinz Hermann Thiele in the Supervisory Board; Shareholders agree to all agenda topics; ew Executive Board chairman Andreas Busemann focuses more on innovations in rail infrastructure [...]
04/27/2017 Investor News
A good start in the 2017 fiscal year: Clear improvement in sales revenues and profitability during first quarter
Clear increase in sales revenues in the Transportation and Core Components divisions; the latter in part stems from the initial consolidation of the new Tie Technologies business unit; Increase in profitability in the Core Components division in [...]
03/30/2017 Investor News
Hans M. Schabert hands over Chairmanship of the Executive Board of Vossloh to Andreas Busemann
Schabert has done great work in the successful restructuring and repositioning of Vossloh; Andreas Busemann is a proven expert in rail infrastructure [...]
03/23/2017 Investor News
Concentration on rail infrastructure moving forward; Profitability in Vossloh Group again improved
Sale of the Electrical Systems business unit and acquisition of Rocla represent further milestones in the implementation of the Group strategy; EBIT increased to €50 million despite slightly lower sales, EBIT margin of 5.4% slightly above forecast [...]
03/22/2017 Investor News
Changes of the members of the Supervisory Board of Vossloh AG
Heinz Hermann Thiele leaves Vossloh's Supervisory Board as of the end of the Annual General Meeting 2017; Former Deutsche Bahn Executive Board member Dr Volker Kefer designated as future chairman of the Supervisory Board [...]
01/31/2017 Investor News
Sale of Electrical Systems to Knorr-Bremse completed
Further milestone in the implementation of the Group strategy reached; Process for the sale of Vossloh Locomotives intensified [...]
01/04/2017 Investor News
Vossloh successfully completes the acquisition of Rocla Concrete Tie
Merger control clearances received; Strengthening of competitive position in focus market USA [...]
12/21/2016 Investor News
Vossloh signs contract for the sale of the Electrical Systems business unit to Knorr-Bremse
Further milestone reached towards focusing on the rail infrastructure; With Knorr-Bremse Systeme für Schienenfahrzeuge GmbH it was possible to win a strong strategic partner; Closing of transaction is expected for the first quarter 2017 [...]
12/05/2016 Investor News
Vossloh strengthens its competitive position in the USA with acquisition of Rocla Concrete Tie
Vossloh takes over Rocla Concrete Tie, North America’s leading manufacturer of concrete railway ties, Strengthening of core business, rail infrastructure, in focus market USA, acquisition supports growth strategy, Complete takeover of the shares in the [...]
12/02/2016 Investor News
Vossloh stärkt seine Wurzeln im sauerländischen Werdohl
Langfristiges Standortbekenntnis zum Stammsitz des Unternehmens; Aufbau einer weltweiten Leitfabrik für Schienenbefestigungssysteme; Zentrales Technologie- und Innovationszentrum; Investitionen von rund 40 Mio. Euro geplant [...]
10/27/2016 Investor News
Earnings and profitability increased further; sale of Electrical Systems business unit in the near future
Vossloh Electrical Systems will be presented as “discontinued operations” as of September 30, EBIT margin for the Group at 5.2% after nine months (previous year: 4.3%); sales revenues down slightly compared to prior year by 4.3% to [...]
09/29/2016 Investor News
Supervisory Board of Vossloh AG appoints new CEO with effect from April 1, 2017
Andreas Busemann will follow Dr.h.c. Hans M. Schabert from April 1, 2017. Contracts of Oliver Schuster, CFO, and Volker Schenk, CTO, have been extended by a further three-years [...]
09/22/2016 Investor News
Vossloh presents innovative complete solutions in rail infrastructure at the InnoTrans trade fair
Trade fair appearance based on the slogan “Connecting Expertise”. Focus on solutions for higher track availability and efficiency, lower life cycle costs as well as reduced noise emissions and vibrations. Major new orders highlight the success of the r [...]
09/20/2016 Product news
High Speed Grinding: new projects and options
Unparalleled working speeds and rail maintenance within the regular timetable make High Speed Grinding (HSG) technology an extremely attractive option for railway companies and network operators. [...]
09/20/2016 Product news
Maximizing line availability
Hardly any railway issue is currently more in the focus of public attention than punctuality. It is a benchmark of performance and reliability. At InnoTrans 2016, Vossloh will be demonstrating how low-maintenance products as well as intelligent processes [...]
09/20/2016 Product news
Far-sighted capital expenditures
The tremendous capital expenditures in the railway sector are tied to a long lifecycle of about forty years. The costs in all phases of the lifecycle should therefore be considered right from the design and planning phase. After all, the investment [...]
09/20/2016 Product news
Turning down the noise
Noise makes us ill and is a serious environmental issue for the railway industry, too. Its abatement is not only expensive but requires an in-depth understanding of track/wheel interaction. [...]
09/20/2016 Product news
Connecting expertise in rail infrastructure
At InnoTrans 2016 in Berlin, Vossloh will be presenting itself as specialist and value chain partner for railway infrastructure. Under the motto "connecting expertise", [...]
07/29/2016 Investor News
Vossloh Locomotives wins major locomotive contract
Vossloh Locomotives in Kiel, subsidiary of Vossloh AG, signed a contract for the delivery of 44 DE 18 diesel-electric locomotives with French company Akiem S.A.S. Akiem is one of the leading leasing firms for rail vehicles in Europe. [...]
07/27/2016 Investor News
Vossloh increases profitability and reduces net financial debt
EBIT in first half-year 2016 at €19.3 million, 57.3% above previous year, Cash inflow from capital increase leads to increase in equity and to significant reduction of net financial debt [...]
07/18/2016 Investor News
Vossloh wins additional large rail fastening systems order for high-speed line in China
VFSC (Vossloh Fastening Systems China), the subsidiary of Vossloh’s Core Components division based in Kunshan, China, has won another tender for high-speed fastening systems [...]
05/25/2016 Investor News
Vossloh Annual General Meeting: all agenda items approved with large majorities
At today’s ordinary Annual General Meeting of Vossloh AG, the shareholder representatives approved all items on the agenda with large majorities. [...]
04/28/2016 Investor News
Vossloh concludes first quarter 2016 with positive EBIT
EBIT improves significantly to €2.3 million Orders received above previous year, important new orders won [...]
03/17/2016 Investor News
Business development 2015 as planned – operational and strategic goals achieved
Sales increased by 9.1% to €1.2 billion EBIT improved considerably from a comparable €18.8 million to [...]
03/11/2016 Investor News
Vossloh confirms expected receipt of fine notice from the German Federal Cartel Office
Vossloh confirms that the German Federal Cartel Office has delivered the expected fine notice for [...]
03/03/2016 Investor News
Vossloh CEO Schabert will not extend his contract after expiry in March 2017
Dr.h.c. Hans M. Schabert, since April 1, 2014 CEO of Vossloh AG, will not be available for an extension of his [...]
01/04/2016 Investor News
Sale of Vossloh Rail Vehicles to Stadler Rail AG completed
Closing already completed at year-end 2015, Capital gain strengthens equity, Cash-inflow reduces net [...]
11/26/2015 Investor News
Updated planning for 2016 confirms previous assumptions regarding business development
Sales growth 2016 of between 5% and 10% expected EBIT margin 2016 will be between 4.0% and 4.5% Planning for [...]
11/04/2015 Investor News
Contract for the sale of the Spanish locomotives business signed
Sale of Vossloh Rail Vehicles to Stadler Rail AG Cash payment of €48 million, additional takeover of debt [...]
10/29/2015 Investor News
Development of core business in line with planning; sale of the Spanish locomotives business tangible
Group sales in new structure after nine months at approx. €868 million, EBIT at €29.3 million Full-year [...]

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