An overview of Vossloh

Our business

Rail infrastructure is Vossloh’s core business: we offer components, solutions and services for rail transport worldwide.

Our customers are generally public and private railway companies, network operators as well as regional and municipal transport companies. They expect safe, economical, environmentally friendly and above all tried and tested products and services from one source, and are oriented towards the tried and tested: references, which Vossloh can prove for all applications worldwide – from heavy load to urban networks to high-speed lines.

Vossloh is a global market leader both for rail fasteners and switch systems. In North America Vossloh is the leading manufacturer of concrete railway ties. And when it comes to track maintenance, we use globally unique grinding technology, so-called high speed grinding.

Facts & figures

The Vossloh Group is represented in some 20 countries worldwide. With more than 4,000 employees (excluding the Electrical Systems business unit, which has been sold), this SDAX-listed Group generated sales worth around €930 million in 2016, approximately 40% of which were achieved outside Europe.

  • Approx. €930 million in sales in 2016
  • Over 4,000 employees
  • Worldwide leading position for rail fastening systems and switches
  • Vossloh rail fasteners are used in more than 65 countries
  • Approx. 50 million tension clamps are produced every year at production sites in Germany, China, Poland and the USA.
  • Available for switch systems and components in more than 30 production sites nearly 20 countries, including France, the USA, Sweden, Australia, Luxembourg, Poland and Great Britain.
  • Leading manufacturer of concrete railway ties in North America.
  • In addition to producing concrete ties, our six own production sites in the USA and a further production site in Mexico also manufacture switch ties, concrete low-vibration track blocks and crossing panels.
  • Vossloh currently provides rail-related services in, among others, Germany, China, Scandinavia and France.
  • All of the major production locations of the Vossloh Group are certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series).


The divisions of Core Components, Customized Modules and Lifecycle Solutions all contribute to the core business, rail infrastructure. They divide the Vossloh offer for infrastructure into (standardizes) products, project business and service.

Vossloh currently operates with four divisions. The fourth division, Transportation, is not only responsible for developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art diesel locomotives, but also for providing all necessary locomotive maintenance and repair services. With the adoption of our strategy at the end of 2014, the Transportation division stopped being part of our core business.

The individual companies are centrally coordinated by the holding company, Vossloh AG, and operate in common under the Vossloh brand.

Core Components

The Core Components division manufactures standardized products on an industrial scale, which are required in large quantities for rail infrastructure.

Vossloh’s Fastening Systems business unit is a worldwide leading provider of rail fastening systems, which are used in more than 65 countries. The screw-fastened and maintenance-free elastic systems are suitable for all applications: ballasted and slab tracks, mainline and conventional lines, high-speed lines, heavy haul and local transport. Approx. 50 million tension clamps leave Vossloh’s production sites in Europe, Asia and North America every year.

Furthermore, Vossloh’s Tie Technologies business unit is the leading manufacturer of concrete railway ties in North America. In addition, six own production sites in the USA and another one in Mexico also produce switch ties, concrete low-vibration track blocks and crossing panels. Vossloh Tie Technologies stands for decades of experience in the US market and maintains excellent customer relationships with major Class 1 rail operators as well as passenger transportation companies in the USA.

Customized Modules

The Customized Modules division develops and manufactures systems for rail infrastructure, which must be individually adapted to the customer and the project. Installation and maintenance are related Vossloh services.

Vossloh is a worldwide leading manufacturer of switch systems. At over 30 production sites in over 20 countries Vossloh manufactures, amongst other things, turnouts and crossings, manganese frogs, switch blade, switch actuators and locking devices, signalling products and rail monitoring systems. The Vossloh offer covers all fields of application: standard, high-speed, special and heavy haul switches in accordance with all international standards, as well as solutions for urban networks.

Lifecycle Solutions

The Lifecycle Solutions division of Vossloh provides track related services. This includes welding and transportation of long rails, maintenance and preventative care of tracks and switches and reconditioning and recycling of old rails. These services also cover the lifecyle management of entire track sections.

In Germany, Vossloh is already a leading provider of rail services. With high-speed grinding, a preventative track grinding process at high-speed, we have technology with a unique selling proposition worldwide. This makes Vossloh the first private company to supply maintenance services on high-speed lines in China.


The Transportation division produces locomotives and provides related services.

At its location in Kiel, Vossloh Locomotives develops and produces state-of-the-art diesel-electric and diesel-hydraulic centre-cab locomotives, which are fitted with eco-friendly technology and are approved in many European countries. This is complemented by all necessary services related to the maintenance and repair of locomotives.

Integrated management systems and sustainability

Alongside today’s standard quality management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, all large Vossloh locations are certified in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental management system, or equivalent. The companies are also committed to additional standards and projects, such as the EU environmental management and audit, EMAS and energy management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001.

Rail transportation is among the most environmentally-friendly modes of transport – for both local and long-distance transport. Products and services from Vossloh make an important contribution so that the environmentally-friendly movement of people and goods can be both cost effective and safe. The company thus supports rail lines as an attractive mode of transportation.

Vossloh generates a significant share of its sales with products and services that contribute to environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions, also qualifying Vossloh AG for investors with a sustainability focus. Vossloh has already been listed in several sustainability rankings since 2008 and belongs to the investment universe of oekom research and Kempen/SNS SRI.

Occupational safety and health protection for employee management have the highest priority. All of the major production locations of the Vossloh Group are certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series). OHSAS 18001 is one of the most important standards for occupational safety management systems, used in more than 80 countries. The Work Safety Committee is a permanent Vossloh body for occupational safety. The Group has created a collective occupational safety policy, which is binding for all companies worldwide. “Zero accidents” – this our vision!

In the course of global business activity, all Vossloh companies are able to manufacture, approve and deliver their products in accordance with the relevant national (rail) standards. This also applies to services.



As a global player with a tradition of over 130 years in business, Vossloh bears a responsibility towards its customers, partners, employees, investors and the public. It is part of this social responsibility that Vossloh and all its employees comply, always and anywhere, with applicable law, respect ethical principles, and act as a role model when we act on behalf of the company.

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