Type of track

Ballasted track

Globally present: ballasted track
The combination of concrete sleepers on ballast is the most commonly used track world wide. In so-called ‘W’ tracks, sleepers provide support for the track and fasteners and ensure dissipation of the energy created by traffic on the tracks. The track bed is flexible and evenly distributes this stress across the foundation. Whether it is the construction of new lines or the strengthening of existing tracks: Vossloh offers a wide product range for safe and cost effective operation.

Intelligent load dissipation thanks to a new screw / dowel combination
With Vossloh rail fasteners, the tension clamp keeps the track on the concrete sleeper with the aid of the screw / dowel combination. As a central element, it ensures a continued a stable and reliable connection. In order to meet the continually increasing demands on rail transport, Vossloh has developed a new generation. The dowels, made from high quality, water-repellent material, are particularly tough, because forces applied are dissipated lengthwise. The optimal geometry of the thread ensures this.

Slab tracks

Exact track position: slab tracks
The decision to build slab tracks allows for a narrower construction and avoids the risk of eroding ballast. Other advantages include the long service life, high load capacity, high weather resistance (high temperatures or UV radiation), the low maintenance requirement as well as the exact track position, which gives the whole construction high deformation resistance, an aspect that becomes ever more important with increasing speed. Modern railway tracks are therefore increasingly built as slab track systems. In some places they are compulsory for tunnel construction.

Vossloh uses high-elasticity components to ensure the necessary resilience of the entire system on such tracks. These take on the load distributing effect of the tracks, and reduce vibration resulting from wheel or track unevenness. This protects the whole track – for a longer lifespan and improved safety.

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