Stock indicators

Vossloh share indicators

Earnings per share2.212.381.310.98(8.32)
Dividend per share11.
Annual average number of shares outstanding1,00017,56417,56417,56417,56416,799
Number of shares outstanding at year-end1,00017,56417,56417,56417,56417,564
Closing share price 41.9539.1045.1541.3537.00
Price high/low 44.65/36.5046.35/29.3049.45/39.3542.50/23.6044.85/31.00
Closing market capitalization€ mill.736.8686.8793.0726.3649.9
Trading volume1,0002,3653,0203,0413,8543,600
Average daily trading volume1,0009.311.811.915.214.3

1 Proposed dividend for the 2023 fiscal year, subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting

Earnings per share

Weighted average of shares outstandingNumber17,564,18017,564,180
Net income attributable to Vossloh AG shareholders€ mill.38.741.7
Basic/diluted earnings per share2.212.38
thereof attributable to continuing operations2.152.32
thereof attributable to discontinued operations0.060.06