Yard Ties

For Class I’s, successful operation means maximizing efficiency, especially in their rail infrastructure assets. Freight railroads require rail infrastructure solutions that are cost effective while providing suitable performance. In addition to performance and reliability, Vossloh concrete tie solutions are cost effective which is critical to the success of our railroad customers. We design each tie to meet the needs of the specific project, taking into consideration speed, freight tonnage, and geographic characteristics. The Vossloh Yard Tie is the most cost effective solution for less demanding freight applications, providing suitable performance for yard and mainline applications characterized by lower speeds and tonnage.

Vossloh Yard Ties have been engineered to provide the most cost effective solution for less demanding heavy haul applications. The Yard Tie is installed in applications for Class I Railroads where mainline tonnage and speed is not required. The Yard Tie can be spaced from 24"-28" providing the lowest installed cost for less demanding conditions over all other track material.

Fastening Systems: Vossloh
Rail Section: 115RE, 136RE
Rail Seat Slope: 1:40 +/- 5
Gauge: 4' 8 1/2"
Speed: 80 mph
Tie Spacing: 24" - 28"
Axle Load: 41 ton
Application: Heavy Haul/Industrial