Cogilink and Retrofit

The new track equipment developed by our staff does not need lubrication, thus preventing the need for polluting substances, reducing maintenance costs and increasing track availability.

The new product developed by Vossloh applies to all drive systems (very high speed lines and conventional lines):
  • Integrated Hydraulic Action
  • Integrated Hydraulic Points
  • Multi-motor and single-motor points

A new technological procedure designed to increase the life span of track equipment: The new procedure developed by Vossloh Cogifer is based on the interaction between a new generation of self-lubricating rings, anti-corrosion shafts and a lubricant-free ball-joint. They are conform to all safety standards and meet the strictest requirements in terms of robustness.

The lifetime of this drive system is multiplied by 6 in comparison with the greasing drive system.

Read in the product leaflet about Cogilink Retrofit lubricant-free operation system designed to replace old worn parts needing lubrication and significant regular maintenance and adjustment... exclusive to Vossloh!