Mobile welding services

Perfectly connected on the move

Rail joints are the most susceptible part of a railway line. The technology, the equipment and the experts carrying out this work all need to be top quality. In addition to its factory services, Vossloh also provides solutions for track-side welding for every kind of line, track, region and customer requirement.

Easy Track Supply: Our experts and equipment ensure completely continuous track, which doesn‘t use fishplates but instead has welded connections along its entire length. Flash butt welding is the best and most advanced rail welding technology available and we employ it using our flash welding module vehicles or our mobile welding factory. We use thermite welding on turnouts and when fabricating transitions between different rail profiles. And we also carry out all kinds of build-up welding work.



Mobile flash butt welding

The most modern and highest quality form of rail welding technology, mobile flash butt welding is used worldwide in all rail welding factories to manufacture long rails. For over 20 years now, Vossloh has also been using mobile flash butt welding. Mounted on road-rail vehicles, our welding modules provide maximum quality, economic efficiency and flexibility in the manufacturing of continuous welded track. Our mobile flash butt welding teams have already been in action on three different continents.

Road-rail vehicle with welding module
  • Road speed: up to 80 km/h
  • Fast on-railing and off-railing
  • Track speed: 20–30 km/h
  • Compressive force: 600 kN
  • Welding burr sheared off automatically
  • Welds per shift: 35–40

Mobile welding factory

In order to also be able to offer the quality of a welding plant on site, Vossloh has developed the mobile welding factory. Its modular design includes special wagons and a flash butt welding unit. Many construction sites can be supplied faster, more easily and less expensively. With the mobile welding factory, base rails from the milling plants are welded into long welded rails in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. This concept combines the quality of a fixed location plant with the logistical advantages of mobile flash butt welding technology.

  • Short rails welded on site
  • Rails up to 400 m long produced on site on special wagons
  • Highest weld geometry standards thanks to factory-standard alignment and grinding technology
  • Minimizes transport distances for long welded rails and thus reduces costs
  • Simplified logistics thanks to needs-based production on site
  • Construction progresses faster through the use of long welded rails
  • Independent power supply
  • Suitable for all common rail profiles and steel qualities

Thermite welding

We mainly use thermite welding on turnouts and track sections at the customer‘s request. With thermite welding, the intense heat generated by a chemical reaction of aluminum granulate and iron oxide produces molten steel, which allows the rail ends to be securely joined together.

Build-up welding

With build-up welding, the same or a similar material is welded onto the rail to reinstate the rail‘s original condition. The procedure is particularly suitable for the repair-welding of worn or corroded rail components.



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