SWW rail replacement train

Seamless rail replacement


Even with the best care available, rails eventually have to be replaced, and Vossloh has the perfect solution for this large-scale operation: our assembly line rail replacement system.

With this rail replacement system, all the work steps are so well coordinated that the entire rail replacement process – which includes replacing the rail pads, welding work, track neutralization and loading the old rails for removal – can be done in a single track possession period. Vossloh‘s rail replacement system is based on rail-bound vehicle modules that use an assembly line method to perform the entire rail replacement operation.

  • Shorter track possessions and construction periods thanks to the method‘s high operating speed
  • Integrated production of continuously welded track
  • Cost-effective deployment
  • Long rail transport unit used for delivery and removal
  • Maximum quality
  • Full compliance with the rail’s bending line



Vossloh‘s rail replacement system: modular efficiency

Nine steps en route to new rails:
1. With the rail fastenings loosened, the rail replacement vehicle enters the track laying site
2. The old rails are raised and aligned
3. The new rails are drawn up to the edge of the construction site
4. The new rails are connected to the old rails
5. The new rails are guided onto the rail pads and the old rails onto the sleeper heads
6. Work on welding the new rails together begins
7. The rails are neutralized
8. The old rails are loaded onto the transport unit
9. Lastly, the follow-up work is carried out