Mobile welding plant

Semi-stationary welding


Many construction sites can be supplied faster, simpler and cheaper: standard length rails from the rolling mills are flash-welded into long rails in the immediate proximity of the work site. This combines logistical advantages with the quality of a stationary welding plant.

  • Short rails welded together in close proximity to the construction site
  • Long rails up to 400 m in length produced on special vehicles
  • Highest welding geometry standards
  • Lower transport costs
  • Simplified logistics
  • Construction proceeds faster

Some mobile welding plant scenarios
  • Projects are particularly long term or large-scale
  • Long rails cannot be delivered
  • Delivery is too complicated
  • The section requires high-quality rails and welds


Mobile welding plant – modular construction

1 Short rail storage
Rails of up to 120 m in length are delivered on rail cars.

2 Welding unit
Here, the rails are prepared for welding and then a transport crawler positions them exactly to be welded in the welding module.

3 Final machining of the welds
This is where the welds are ground and aligned. The rails produced can be up to 400 m long.