Switch logistics

Switches and logistics: Your one-stop shop!

Switches and their drive, locking and monitoring systems are key components on every rail line.

Easy Track Supply: Vossloh is a real switch specialist. Besides planning, construction, configuration, installation and removal, we also take care of all aspects of transportation. Vossloh has a fleet of 15 special switch transport wagons that it deploys across Europe to supply construction sites with new switches and remove used ones.
Areas to store and assemble switches are rare. Pre-assembled switches can be made to exact specifications in the factory and custom-fit on site straight away, exposing nearby residents to less noise and fewer emissions. Unloading fully assembled switch segments at the site using a self-propelled crane is several times faster than assembling individual switch components. We‘ll also take care of loading and returning used switches for reconditioning.



Switch transport wagon

Only in exceptional cases can pre-assembled switch segments be hauled on standard flat wagons. In order to be able to transport switches in compliance with loading gauges that differ internationally, we have developed special transport wagons equipped with loading beds that can be tilted to allow the safe transport of switches. All transport wagons are TSI-approved and equipped with GPS tracking. They can be hauled fully loaded at a top speed of 100 km/h, which makes them suitable for integration into standard trains.

Switch logistics throughout Europe

In addition to the German-speaking domestic market, Vossloh‘s logistic experts are also active in Scandinavia, especially in Sweden and Norway. We also organize the supply of switches to construction sites in other European countries such as Poland and the Netherlands.



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