MCEH61/MTEH61 - Tramway point machine

The tramway point machine is a safety product. This point machine is used to operate tramway turnouts. The MTEH61 version is the trailable version (accidental trailing), the MCEH61 version is the clamped version. Each point machine is installed in an earth box that forms the electro-hydraulic 61 drive.

The electro-hydraulic 61 drive has been specially designed to be installed in the roadway. The drive is suitable for 1 000 mm track, 1 435 mm track or any gauge greater than 1 000 mm.

The tramway point machine is highly adaptable. It can be transformed from a clamped version into a trailable version in just 30 minutes, and vice versa. Its modular design allows for fast and easy maintenance for maximum availability and reduced maintenance costs.

On a depot track, in case of accidental switch trailing, the MTEH61 point machine enables trailing of the switch without any damage.