Long-rail logistics

Transporting rails and loading rails: We know how!

Easy track supply: The Vossloh logistics division has haulage means and equipment to provide construction sites with the best possible supply services.

First, the rails are loaded at our Rail Centers in due time and in an arrangement that facilitates coordinated unloading at the construction site. This forms the foundation for all subsequent phases and ensure that rails of more than 240 m in length get to the track. After they have been loaded onto special vehicles or customer-owned wagons, we transport the rails punctually to the construction works, where they are unloaded according to specifications. The delivery‘s progress can be followed via a web-based tracking portal. When coordinating rail-bound transports, we take care of the planning, vehicle dispatching, unloading schedules and retrieval of the empty wagons. Our portfolio also includes coordinating the work train locomotives, their drivers, the crane and its operator.



STS Rail Transport System

STS long rail transport units with special attachments have cross-members and rail holders that make wooden packing and fastening equipment superfluous.

AAW Loading and Unloading Vehicle

Combined with the STS rail transport system or the standard flat wagon, the AAW can be used to load and/or unload long rails up to 180 meters in length.

SAS Rail Unloading System

This flexible and cost-effective system is used to unload long rails from STS or standard flat wagons onto sleeper heads or the middle of the track. The SAS system is delivered by truck and quickly set up for work.

Robel Transport Units

Long rail transport units (LSEs) are components of the Robel rail transport system, which consists of LSEs and the SLW rail loading wagons. Wooden packing and fastening equipment are not needed.

SLW Rail Loading Wagon

The SLW gantry crane wagon travels on rails that run the entire length of the Robel transport unit. The hydraulic articulated crane makes the SLW the fastest and most efficient way to load and unload long-welded rails.

Used Rails: recycling or reconditioning

Used rails are sent to reconditioning plants where the decision is made whether to recondition or recycle them.

Reconditioning is eco-friendly, sustainable and prolongs the rail‘s service life. Most rails only wear on one side, so the non-running edge retains enough material for a new running surface. We make sure that rails which can no longer be used are recycled at the best possible terms.

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