From the factory: transition joints and insulated

We add value to rails

The transitions from the end of one rail to another - the rail joints - are a very sensitive area. There are often points where one profile transitions into another, and these profiles have to be at the same height. Controlled compression and flash welding are used to position the rails at the right height and join them together. The left and right running edges can be manufactured according to customer specifications.

Tracks also require rails to be electrically insulated using insulated joints in order to guarantee reliable signaling. Temperature differences throughout the year of more than 40° make this a challenge that requires a lot of technical expertise



Transition joints

We manufacture profile transition joints for all common rail profiles. Compression and flash butt welding (or alternatively, manual or thermite welding) are used to create a transition between rail sections of different profiles or different steel qualities.

We can also produce transitions between grooved rails and Vignole rails on request.

Glued insulated joints

Insulated joints – whether classic S joints or 30° angular joints – guarantee that signals are transmitted reliably.

We produce joints either in customized lengths or integrated into the rail section, and we also manufacture special-purpose joints.

Grinding new rails

We remove the mill-scale (decarbonized layer) from our factory-milled new rails, which helps to delay the formation of corrugations and renders time-consuming rail grinding at the construction site unnecessary. New rail grinding improves the transverse and longitudinal profile created by the milling process, significantly delaying the rail wear that inevitably results from operational use. Once it has been installed, the rail can be used immediately without any restrictions.



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