V-MON Product line

The V-MON Product line is a predictive monitoring system of railway assets. By implementing this system, railway networks avoid assets failure and curative maintenance: they can predict a break and perform preventive maintenance. Vossloh offers the V-MON Monitoring solutions composed of several modules (turnout, track circuit, events and cable):
  • Remote Event Monitoring module
  • Remote Condition Monitoring module
  • Remote Security Monitoring module

A large range of sensors dedicated to railway

In order to be connected on a V-MON System, a wide range of sensors has been developed, allowing for example to measure or detect the:
  • Active power supply of the turnout
  • Switch displacement
  • Vibrations
  • Current and voltage of a point machine
  • Cable cut position
  • Parameters of the track circuits

  • Predictive diagnosis
  • A large product line from sensor to software
  • A large range of sensors

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