Large-scale projects

Logistics for large-scale projects at home and abroad

With large-scale projects, shut-downs are particularly expensive. Our logistics division is there to help avoid this situation. We take care of all the logistical aspects for construction works, and right from the start we work closely with the welding and reconditioning plants, rolling mills and switch factories. In addition to just-in-time deliveries of rails, switches, sleepers and ballast, we also organize the loading work, work locomotives, site shunters, vehicle inspectors and logistics experts.


A real landmark project!

Vossloh was the expert for the site supply logistics on the newly built lines of the 8th German Unity Transport Project. The 107-km section of the route between Ebensfeld and Erfurt was the most complex part of the 500 km long Nuremberg – Berlin line. Half of this section comprises civil engineering works, and it runs over 29 viaducts and through 22 tunnels.

Prior the project‘s start, Vossloh was significantly involved in the very complex overall logistics concept. Overtaking stations, junctions, rail hubs, access routes and sidings all had to be supplied as well.

This was a real landmark project for Vossloh, and not just because all our core business units were involved in this large- scale project, but also because the line‘s sequential construction and provisional facilities required a particularly high level of upstream and downstream logistical expertise. During the main construction phase, there were up to 500 personnel on site, and, in addition to the regular site supply, logistics were also needed for regular cleaning, tests and trial runs on the new line. The emergency drills and fire drills required were also carried out in the tunnels. As the project drew to a close, a series of HSG grinding runs was carried out before the newly built line was put into operation.

The line has now been operational since 2017 with trains speeding along it at over 300 km/h!



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