The metro is a mass mode of transport, which was constantly developing throughout the last century. Vossloh Cogifer, a pioneer in the railway field, has long been demonstrating the effectiveness of its products in Europe and throughout the world.

Vossloh Cogifer has a full range of turnouts dedicated to metros of all types: heavy, light and automatic.

Our turnouts adapt perfectly to specific geometrical constraints, permitting metro traffic movements in optimum conditions of safety and comfort for passengers. They also take into account environmental constraints in order to limit noise and vibration levels as far as possible to protect the well-being of residents.

Depending on the application, geographical installation site and customer choice, Vossloh Cogifer has developed two turnout families for metros.

The range of turnouts for metros from Vossloh Cogifer very significantly improves comfort and passenger safety. It also reduces the costs related to installation, maintenance and operation.