Mobile flash butt welding

Combining economy and excellence


Flash butt welding is the most modern and highest-quality rail welding technique, and it is used in all stationary rail welding plants to manufacture long rails. In order to also be able to deliver this level of quality with rails welded at the construction site, Vossloh employs a mobile form of flash welding.

  • Road speed (road-rail vehicle): 80 km/h
  • Track speed: 20–30 km/h
  • Compressive force: 600 kN

  • Automatic monitoring ensures high quality
  • Reliable welding procedure, proven for decades
  • Flexible thanks to road-rail technology

Insulated joints

Right at the construction site: insulated joints
Vossloh offers insulated joints manufactured using both stationary and mobile methods. These joints can be integrated into the rail string precisely to achieve a custom fit.

Other procedures

Thermite welding and build-up welding
With more than 25 years experience in maintenance work for the German Railway, Vossloh can also perform other important welding procedures:
  • With build-up welding, a layer of the same or similar material is welded onto the rail in order to restore its original surface characteristics.
  • Vossloh uses thermite welding on turnouts and also on standard track rails.


Vossloh has over 20 years of experience in mobile flash-butt welding. We can carry out multiple projects simultaneously – and are now deploying this technology successfully on three continents.