Vossloh introduces the platform ‘Vossloh connect’ with innovative digital solutions transforming the railway industry

  • The user-friendly platform provides tailormade, data-driven solutions all around rail infrastructure
  • Advanced analytics and alert systems help to optimize maintenance, increase safety and to enhance the availability of the rail infrastructure sustainably
  • Customers can access various applications developed by Vossloh and Partners

Vossloh is living up to its role as a pioneer in the rail infrastructure business once again by introducing the cloud-based platform ‘Vossloh connect’, whose applications will drive the digitalization and the transformation of the rail industry. The platform offers an array of cutting-edge solutions designed to optimize rail infrastructure management and maintenance as well as contributing to increased safety, reduced costs and improved overall performance. Vossloh has created a one-stop-shop-platform for railway customers across the rail network. It offers a comprehensive suite of digital solutions, seamlessly integrated into one single, user-friendly system. It comfortably provides a holistic view on rail infrastructure and operations.

The platform offers customers not only access to Vossloh’s self-developed solutions for various areas of rail infrastructure but is also open to selected third-party partners offering complementary products and solutions. The tools enable real-time monitoring capabilities providing instant insights into rail network performance and asset health as well as relevant information for predictive maintenance. Furthermore, the platform comprises advanced analytics and alert systems in order to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and disruptions. This is not only crucial for the paramount of the railway industry – safety – but also helps to reduce costs for emergency repairs and extends the lifespan of the rail assets and therefore contributes to sustainability. Last but not least to mention is the range of sophisticated predictive maintenance algorithms, forming the core of ‘Vossloh connect’. They enable rail operators to schedule maintenance tasks more efficiently while reducing downtime and costs whereas the central customer request – the availability of the track – can be increased by these means. Customers have access to their condition data via ‘Vossloh connect’. The visualization in the Vossloh applications makes this data intuitively usable and translates it into recommendations for tailormade action.

Customers can get access to all existing and future applications of Vossloh and an increasing number of selected partners
Certain Vossloh inhouse developed solutions offered on the new platform are focusing on switches as one of the technically most complex and fault-prone elements of the rail track. ‘Smart Turnout’ e.g. provides advanced monitoring of switches including information on vertical displacement, train speed and train recognition. ‘Smart Point Machine’ enables quick asset assessments and adjustable alarms and can be adapted to any specific customer needs. Advanced monitoring prevents failures of point machines and specific algorithms aim at failure prognosis and forecasting. With a set of laser-equipped sensors the solution ‘SMV’ measures displacement and vibration to provide insights on tamping needs of the ballast bed in the switch area, but also to assess maintenance effectiveness.
The concept of ‘mapl-e’ offers a seamless solution combining measurement, analysis, and maintenance, in order to reduce and control costs through combined grinding-activities and train-based measurement. It allows for continuous data collection even during high-traffic periods, providing rapid access to valuable information and increasing operations efficiency.
Besides, Vossloh’s ‘Data Lab’ can be considered a real Jack-of-all-trades in statistics offering rail-infrastructure data visualization for insights, statistical KPIs and alarms for monitoring, topped with a flexible dashboard for asset oversight.

Right from the start a portfolio composed of renowned partners
In addition, the platform serves as a marketplace for selected third-party providers or partners and their solutions. Among them are the Swedish company ‘Strainlabs’ for example, which brings expertise in connected bolts to the platform. Strainlabs' sensor-equipped bolts allow the platform-user to gather real-time data on the stress and strain, enabling proactive maintenance and enhancing the overall safety and reliability of rail systems.
Another esteemed partner of ‘Vossloh connect’ is ‘Cervello’. Headquartered in Israel and deployed worldwide, the company specializes in cybersecurity solutions tailored for the railway industry. With the rise of digitalization, ensuring the security of rail networks is of growing importance. Cervello's expertise in protecting rail critical infrastructure against cyber threats adds a layer of security that is essential in today's interconnected world.
German RailWatch is another example for joint forces with ‘Vossloh connect’. Their innovative system for monitoring wagon and train conditions enables rail operators to gain comprehensive insights into the health and performance of their rolling stock. Applications are covering a range of solutions including i.a. wheel and brake condition, weight and train- resp. wagon-identification Considering that the rail-wheel contact is of utmost relevance for any preventive maintenance model on rail infrastructure, these insights perfectly complete Vossloh’s wholistic understanding of the rail track as a system. Since recently the comprehensive technology and most employees of former Railwatch have been integrated into Vossloh Group.

"Vossloh connect is not just a platform – it is our commitment to shaping the future of rail transportation. With our own digital solutions and the remarkable contributions of our partners, Strainlabs, Cervello, and Railwatch, we are forging a path toward a safer, more efficient, and sustainable railway industry. And we are open to build partnerships with additional digital companies as well. Together with our partners, we are redefining the capabilities and opportunities of this dynamic sector, and I am excited about the transformative impact this integrated digital ecosystem will have on the world of rail", says Oliver Schuster, CEO of Vossloh AG.

For more information about ‘Vossloh connect’ and our partnerships please visit www.vossloh-connect.com

Vossloh is a global technology group which for around 140 years has stood for quality, safety, customer focus, reliability, and innovative strength. With its comprehensive range of rail-related products and services, Vossloh ranks among the world market leaders in this sector. Vossloh offers a uniquely broad range of products and services under one roof: Rail fastening systems, concrete sleepers, switch systems and crossings, as well as innovative and increasingly digital-based services for the entire life cycle of rails and switches. Vossloh uses its systemic understanding of the track to address the central customer need of "availability of the rail track".
Vossloh products and services are in use in more than 100 countries. With some 75 group companies in almost 30 countries and over 40 production locations, Vossloh is active locally worldwide. Vossloh is committed to sustainable corporate governance and climate protection and with its products and services makes an important contribution to the sustainable mobility of people and goods.
The Group's activities are organized into the three divisions Core Components, Customized Modules, and Lifecycle Solutions. In the 2022 fiscal year, Vossloh generated sales revenues of €1,046.1 million with around 3,800 employees.