Vossloh expands cooperation with Deutsche Bahn

  • Four-year framework agreement signed for at least 600 switches in the Customized Modules division
  • High demand from Deutsche Bahn also boosts the Lifecycle Solutions and Core Components divisions
  • Innovation day with Deutsche Bahn strengthens the successful relationship between the two companies

Vossloh, a leading global supplier of rail infrastructure products and services, strengthens its position in the growing and strategically important German rail infrastructure market. By signing a four-year framework agreement with Deutsche Bahn in the Customized Modules division, Vossloh is further expanding its market position in Germany. For the first time, Vossloh has succeeded in winning a framework agreement for complete switches with firmly committed delivery quantities. Over the next four years, Vossloh will supply a total of at least 600 switches to Deutsche Bahn. At the same time, Vossloh will continue to supply a substantial volume of switch components.

Deutsche Bahn is currently renewing its rail network as part of a comprehensive modernization program and is building more than ever before. The aim is to expand the high-performance network and reduce infrastructure-related disruptions by 80 percent. Vossloh is providing significant support for Deutsche Bahn's extensive investment project – and not just with switch systems. In September, for example, an existing contract with Deutsche Bahn for preventive rail maintenance was extended and the scope of services expanded. Accordingly, Vossloh will grind at least 13,000 kilometers of the most heavily used track links within the so-called high-performance network in 2024 using the highly innovative and self-developed smart HSG (High Speed Grinding) technology. During each pass, important condition data is collected and evaluated in real time using extensive digital measurement and analysis technology, which serves as the basis for the transition from time-based to condition-based maintenance.

Stationary long rail welding and rail logistics are also benefiting from Deutsche Bahn's modernization projects. Vossloh is the market leader in both areas in Germany. In view of the extensive modernization measures planned – a general overhaul is planned for 40 sections of the heavily used network alone by 2030 – Vossloh also expects high demand in these areas in the coming years. The same applies to the rail fastening systems business, where Vossloh is also a leader.

A few days ago, Vossloh and Deutsche Bahn jointly organized an "Innovation Day" at Vossloh AG's headquarters in Werdohl with the aim of exchanging ideas and further intensifying cooperation. High-ranking representatives from various areas of Deutsche Bahn and its subsidiaries took part in the event and discussed together with the Executive Board and representatives of all Vossloh Group business units working for the customer Deutsche Bahn the most pressing challenges and approaches to overcoming them in practice. The focus of the product and service innovations presented, including numerous digital-based solutions, was on reducing closures and increasing track availability for Deutsche Bahn.

Oliver Schuster, CEO of Vossloh AG, explains: "The new framework agreement for complete switches with Deutsche Bahn is a major strategic success for Vossloh and a further step on the way to becoming a system supplier of complete track solutions in Germany. Deutsche Bahn represents the largest rail network in Europe and is of considerable importance as a globally recognized technological reference. In this respect, we are extremely pleased to be able to provide this important customer with significant support for its major modernization projects over the coming years. As a traditional German company, it is particularly important to us to contribute to advancing the railways as the most sustainable mode of mass transportation in this country as well, thus creating an important basis for achieving the European climate targets."

Vossloh is a global technology group which for around 140 years has stood for quality, safety, customer focus, reliability, and innovative strength. With its comprehensive range of rail-related products and services, Vossloh ranks among the world market leaders in this sector. Vossloh offers a uniquely broad range of products and services under one roof: Rail fastening systems, concrete sleepers, switch systems, and crossings, as well as innovative and increasingly digital-based services for the entire life cycle of rails and switches. Vossloh uses its systemic understanding of the track to address the central customer need of "availability of the rail track".
Vossloh products and services are in use in more than 100 countries. With some 75 group companies in almost 30 countries and over 40 production locations, Vossloh is active locally worldwide. Vossloh is committed to sustainable corporate governance and climate protection and with its products and services makes an important contribution to the sustainable mobility of people and goods.
The Group's activities are organized into the three divisions Core Components, Customized Modules, and Lifecycle Solutions. In the 2022 fiscal year, Vossloh generated sales revenues of €1,046.1 million with around 3,800 employees.