Far-sighted capital expenditures

The tremendous capital expenditures in the railway sector are tied to a long lifecycle of about forty years. The costs in all phases of the lifecycle should therefore be considered right from the design and planning phase. After all, the investment decision taken by the network operator defines 95 per cent of the subsequent expenses.

Increasing mobility demands and permanent competition make further investments in rail haulage unavoidable. A long-term protection of investments in modernization and digitization projects and the required network extensions requires both profitability analyses over the entire lifecycle of the track and integral system appraisals. Apart from the development and creation of new network capacities, an optimized maintenance organization based on statistics of usage and regularly documented measurements of the condition of the infrastructure plays an important role for continuously high track quality and performance.

Integral examination of costs

At InnoTrans 2016, Vossloh will illustrate how selecting the right products, materials, services or technologies can significantly reduce the costs of a line in all phases of its lifecycle. The service life and the future maintenance input are determined by the quality of the products and components. Further cost advantages are secured by a stringent quality assurance process in the technical supervision of the construction and subsequent maintenance work. Closely synchronized processes and services provide additional benefits.

Industry experts visiting InnoTrans are invited to identify long-term savings potentials for infrastructure projects using cost simulations based on reference projects and studies in combination with a mapping of typical railway lines.

Innovations for a longer service life

The new developments and advances in the field of rail fastening systems include the system DFF 336 NG for urban light railways and metros on slab tracks as well as the concept of a “New Generation” of system components. With their material-driven design, sparing use of resources and improved insulating materials, the New Generation (NG) components not only extend the service life of the superstructure but also minimize the operating expenses over the entire lifecycle.

In Berlin, Vossloh will also be showing innovations for turnout systems that contribute to reduced maintenance work and improved performance. These include a new bainite steel grade for crossings, expansion components for various applications in bridge construction and a new coating of slide chairs. One eye catcher will certainly be the high-speed turnout developed for the French market. The integrated hollow sleepers permit embedding the drive system below the track and are already being installed on the SEA and BPL high-speed lines.

Preserving value with the right maintenance strategy

Using specific examples, Vossloh will also demonstrate the savings potentials for both preventive and corrective grinding of rails and turnouts. Apart from the performance advantages of the two Vossloh technologies High Speed Grinding and High Performance Milling over conventional grinding and milling techniques, their optimum deployment as a function of the line condition and the overall maintenance strategy are focal points. As regards the selected technology, Vossloh’s smart asset management is objective and hence ensures a consistent process quality in all phases of the lifecycle.

Based on the data collected during comprehensive tests and measurements, the adoption of the right maintenance approach will result in the best possible condition of tracks and turnouts achievable in the available possession with a maximum of efficiency. Monitoring systems help network operators initiate the related measures in good time.

Then in the final phase of the lifecycle, savings can be achieved through upgrading or secondary usage.

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