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You can revisit key moments from the fair

Vossloh presented answers and solutions to the most pressing challenges facing rail infrastructure at the InnoTrans, the world’s largest rail fair. Reduction of noise and vibrations, track availability and efficiency as well as cost reductions over the entire rail lifecycle were central topics. You can revisit key moments from the fair and also check out the considered opinions of Vossloh executives in our retrospective.

Vossloh presented itself as a specialist for rail infrastructure at the 2016 InnoTrans. We highlighted the advantages of our strategic and operational reorientation under the trade fair motto “connecting expertise”. Decades’ worth of core competences have been bundled even more than before – meaning we can now provide an integrated range of rail infrastructure solutions that is not available from a single source anywhere else. Vossloh provides both established and innovative products, future-pointing technologies and supplementary services in the form of turnkey packages.

The field of rail transport faces many challenges. In line with our systemic approach and networked competence, the focus of this year’s trade fair presentation was on showcasing solutions to the most pressing railway challenges.

Noise and Vibrations: Vossloh’s Quiet Track Solutions

The rail-related topic of which the public is most aware is likely to be noise abatement. Noise poses an obstacle to urgently needed network expansions, makes people ill and causes huge costs for both rail operators and consumers. Effective noise and vibration abatement depends on tackling the problem at source: on the track. The numerous solutions provided by Vossloh include proprietary product technologies, special designs, services and processes, some of which are globally unique.

Improving the condition of the track surface automatically reduces noise – for which the right grinding strategy and the right grinding process are decisive. Find out why Vossloh’s preventive high-speed grinding method satisfies both criteria without ever disrupting the train schedule.

A hammer test served to demonstrate the specific noise-abating effect exerted by various components of the track fastening systems.

Availability and Efficiency. Vossloh Keeps Tracks Train-ready.

Any standstill causes high costs and dissatisfied customers. We’ll be showing how our product and service solutions demonstrably and directly improve track availability. Our solutions not only take account of foreseeable maintenance measures, but also unexpected events – such as malfunctions and defects or weather-related problems.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to discuss the decisive factors that influence track availability with our experts: durable and extremely low maintenance products, quick and simple installation, a maintenance process that is as undisruptive as possible as well as forward-looking and holistic track management.

Lifecycle Costs

Reference projects and studies form the basis of our cost simulation, which centres around cost-effectiveness over the entire lifecycle of the track. With various tracks serving as examples, our simulation can show how choosing the right products and materials, services or technologies can considerably lower costs during every phase of a track’s lifecycle.

Product design, system engineering and maintenance strategy of a project safeguard the investments for the long term and ensure safe operating schedules – and satisfied customers.

Vossloh Locomotives
Outdoor Area O229

Vossloh Locomotives – New Plant, New Possibilities

In the German town of Kiel, Vossloh Locomotives is awaiting its move to the new plant with bated breath. What is set to be Europe’s most cutting-edge locomotive factory is currently nearing completion in the Kiel suburb of Suchsdorf. The production line is perfectly designed to facilitate orderly and directed material flow. As a result, it will be possible to reduce the time taken from receiving an order for a locomotive to its delivery from currently 18 months to, in the best case, six months, but at most nine months.... read more

Following the recent success with CFL cargo in Luxembourg and the large order booked by the French leasing company Akiem, Vossloh Locomotives will be presenting the DE 18 locomotive with its innovative driveline management in the outdoor area of the fairgrounds. A French version of the G 6 will also be on show. less

Vossloh Kiepe
Outdoor Area O240

Vossloh Kiepe – Electrical Mobility for Everyone

The Wuppertal suspension railway will be a certain highlight at the fair. The latest generation of this unique vehicle has been thoroughly reinvented – thanks to us! Berlin was also the opportunity to see super-modern bogies that are set to impress with their ultra-light construction. And a new range of gearboxes, specially developed for the suspension railway, are equally ultra-light and sturdy.... read more


As a provider of innovative electrical systems for trams and rolling stock used for urban public transport purposes, Vossloh Kiepe is coming to Berlin with a further global first: a new CO2 air conditioning system for trains. The system’s integrated thermal pump and heat recovery function make it particularly energy efficient.less




If you have any questions regarding the 2016 InnoTrans or would like to make an appointment, we’ll be on hand to inform you about our InnoTrans topics in Berlin.