Tampere Tramway Ltd orders a HSG-city grinding machine for its tram network

When it comes to the rails of its tram network, which is scheduled to start operations in the late summer of 2021, the Finnish city of Tampere has its money on prevention right from the outset. Tampere Tramway Ltd has ordered a HSG-city.

The city of Tampere in Finland is currently preparing to commission a tram network totaling almost 15 kilometers in length. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the city of Tampere, Tampere Tramway Ltd is in charge of building the network's infrastructure, purchasing the trams and other equipment, organizing the project's financing and granting the running of the tram system when it commences operations in 2021.

The company has purchased one of the compact HSG-city grinding machines for its rail maintenance. The contract also includes a spare parts package and a service agreement for the machine's annual maintenance. The grinding machine, which was designed with light-rail networks in mind, was delivered by Vossloh in December of 2019.

"We want to be well prepared for the traffic" explains Tampere Tramway Ltd's fleet manager, Ali Huttunen. "We were referred to a customer in Germany, where we were able to observe the HSG-city in action and see for ourselves the benefits in terms of extending the service life of rails."

Grinding off the mill scale is the first important step for the company in this regard. Other areas of application include head check prevention and the removal of greasy residues, which are primarily the result of fallen leaves, air pollution or rainfall after a long period of dry weather. A greasy film builds up on the rails and becomes a safety hazard e.g. when accelerating from a standstill or braking. Grinding off these greasy residues improves traction between wheel and rail and increases the rail's electrical conductivity.

"We're very happy to have Tampere Tramway as a new customer in Finland" adds Pekka Rautanen, Managing Director of Vossloh Rail Services Finland Oy.

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