Gender equality and equal opportunities

Vossloh pays fundamental attention to gender equality. The Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Policy forms the Group-wide framework for various initiatives in this area, such as raising awareness among managers, selecting employees for high-potential programs, filling vacancies or as part of the life-phase-oriented HR policy. The “All on track“ initiative launched in 2019 is having an impact in the Customized Modules division. The initiative was promoted by the fact that in France, companies with more than 50 employees are obliged to publish annual key figures relating to professional equality between men and women. In this Penicaud Index, Vossloh Cogifer SA, the lead company of the Customized Modules division, scored 86 out of a possible 100 points in 2023. Vossloh Cogifer is also a partner of the French organization Elles bougent, which encourages women to choose scientific and technical courses of study and to pursue a career in this field. In Germany, the Rail Services business unit is a corporate sponsor of protechnicale e.V., an association that specifically promotes young women in the technical field.