EL (Elevated Lift) Frog

Elevated Lift Frogs are used in specialized applications where the volume of traffic is significantly less on the divergent route and the geometry is complex. The EL frog is a proprietary Cleveland Track Material, Inc. design and is a version of a flange bearing, lift or jump, frog. The CTM EL Frog is unique in that it provides the ramping that allows the wheel flange to pass over the head of the frog rail through vertical bends in the leg of the wing rail and in the heel rail creating a ramp. The EL Frog is ideal for locations where a heavily trafficked mainline intersects with a curved route The intersecting route is only used on occasion and at low speeds.

  • Unbroken running surface through flange bearing technology which allows the mainline to run at high speeds
  • One piece manganese design providing a level flange bearing guarded wheel path through the body of the frog on the turnout side
  • External vertical bends in the wing rail and the heel rail which allow for ramping to be lengthened and higher speeds to achieved
  • Smooth Ride Quality, Versatility
  • Durability, Smooth Ride Quality
  • Versatility (High Speeds)