Adjustable Switch Point Guard

Cleveland Track Material, Inc. manufactures the Adjustable Switch Point Guard Rail, a proprietary Vossloh product that is used at the point of the switch. Switch Point Guards are designed to prolong the life of the switch points and stock rails, and to reduce the frequency of derailments at switches and yard operations. They are essentially heavy side braces located on the opposite of the switch point.

  • Adjustable height
  • Durable Steel Body Casting
  • Arched Design which allows for installation over an existing center gage plate
  • Longer overall; Guard bar length (8”) for improved service life Flare length (each at 4”) for reduced flare entry angle
  • Safety, Reliability, Cost Efficient (long lifecycles)
  • Versatility, Flexibility, Durability
  • Cost Efficient (long lifecycles), Safety