Connecting Rods, Gage Plates, Extension Plates and Full Switch Layout Rodding Packages

Vossloh Signaling, Inc. (Vossloh North America) provides everything from a single connecting rod or gauge plate assembly to full switch rod packages for Power Switches (single point, double slip, and equilateral turnouts), hand throws and helper rod assemblies. We use forged connecting rods, front rods, & switch rods (engineered to meet AREMA standards) that are machined and assembled to meet railroad customer specification. With our extensive engineering capabilities, we ensure that all components meet the customers switch layout standards and all components have the proper fit and function.

Examples of Rodding Packages
  • Operating Rods Switch and Basket Rods
  • Lock Rod Connecting Rods Point Detector Connecting Rods
  • Switch Circuit Controller Connecting Rods Gage Plates
  • Extension and Saddle Plates Our rods are forged, not welded