RailMaster™ Yard Management Software

RailMasterTM yard management software is a Microsoft Windows compatible user interface for yard automation solutions. This software is typically part of the Vossloh Signaling, Inc. Modular Yard Automation (MYA) solution which is a suite of products (i.e. Vossloh TS-4500 hydraulic switch machine, Switch Circuit Controllers / Switch Occupancy Systems, Control Systems) that in various custom combinations enable remote switch control in flat yards. RailMasterTM provides the control of switch movements in the flat yard from a remote dispatch center (via desktop computer) or on site via push button kiosk, which can also be part of a Vossloh Signaling, Inc. MYA solution. Using this software, the controller is able to add stacked routes, entering a list of train movements into the system which can be cycle through manually (by pressing the Advance button) or automatically (when RailMasterTM detects the previous movement has been completed).