Occupational safety

There has been a permanent Group-wide occupational safety body within Vossloh since 2012 in the form of the Work Safety Committee. This has led to important steps being initiated to harmonize the occupational safety conditions across the various divisions in recent years. For example, a standard occupational safety policy has been developed, which is mandatory for all companies around the world. In this policy, the zero-accident strategy vision is defined. The Work Safety Committee also played a key role in the development of the Group’s own SAFE+ accident prevention app.

Workplace accidents have been documented at Vossloh on the basis of uniform criteria, over and above what is required by law. The most important key figures here are the frequency and severity of accidents resulting in lost work time due to injury. Accidents resulting in lost time due to an employee’s ill health are immediately reported directly to the Executive Board. The Work Safety Committee, the Group Works Council and the Corporate Sustainability Department cooperate closely in order to further reduce workplace accidents and further develop the culture of safety.

Workplace accidents (Vossloh Group)20212020
Lost time accidents (LTA)1118102
Lost time accident frequency rate (LTAFR)216.416.2
Lost time accident severity rate (LTASR)32.82.6

1 Accidents involving injury-related lost time of at least 1 hour.

2 Frequency of accidents involving injury-related lost time of at least 1 hour, measured in the number of workplace accidents in relation to the cumulative actual work time, based on 1 million hours worked.

3 Severity of accidents involving injury-related lost time of at least 1 hour, measured in the duration of lost time in relation to the cumulative actual work time, based on 1,000 hours worked.

As in the previous year, there were no work-related fatalities in the Vossloh Group in 2021.

Both accidents with and without lost time and near accidents are analyzed at Vossloh in order to learn from them for the future and reduce the number of accidents at all the Company’s sites. Prevention is a matter of importance to the Company in order to stop workplace accidents from happening in the first place. This includes regular conduct-based safety inspections designed to raise safety awareness among the employees, regular safety instruction and training for all the staff, online training sessions on safety-relevant subjects, the provision of comprehensive protective equipment, safety markings at the various workstations, and awareness campaigns. Impressive videos or safety flashes (anonymized summaries) of accidents are also frequently used. The “Four seconds for safety” campaign is regularly discussed at the start of a working day or a get-together within the wide, with brief reference being made to a specific safety aspect, and not just in the production area.

Hand protection was the focus of the 2021 safety campaign at Vossloh Tie Technologies: The topic came up in various forms every week at one of the daily safety talks in order to raise awareness among all employees. At Vossloh Switch Systems, training sessions on how to avoid falls were held at the Reichshoffen and Fère-en-Tardenois sites. Two so-called cobots were installed at the Outreau foundry. These “collaborative robots” relieve their human colleagues of tiring, repetitive (and potentially hazardous) tasks such as machine loading or unloading.

An important role in minimizing potential risks – and in achieving the goal of reducing the number of occupational accidents by 20 percent annually throughout the Group – is played by the SAFE+ app, which was launched in 2020 in close cooperation with Corporate Sustainability, the Work Safety Committee and the Group Works Council, and with the support of Vossloh IT. Initially available in just German, English and French, the app is currently being rolled out to include all languages spoken within the Group. In 2021, more than 1,000 employees throughout the Group received instruction in the use of the app. In the future, all Vossloh employees will participate in the program. Following training, employees should report safety risks identified within the Company or on the tracks via the app. The aim is to systematically reduce hazardous situations at all sites and in all divisions.

If employees have to travel internationally for their work for Vossloh, they can make use of the Group’s travel safety management system. They will then receive comprehensive support with regard to medical and safety aspects of their trip, as well as precautions for possible emergencies. The Company’s Travel Security Managers and worldwide Assistance Centers, in addition to a service provider’s assistance app, are available for this purpose.