SoniQ Rail Explorer
Our latest rail inspection device

Knowing the condition of your rail network is the most important criterion for efficient maintenance. The SoniQ Rail Exlorer (SRE) detects any irregularities in the rail's interior including corrosion on the base of the rail. The SRE combines proven ultrasonic inspection technology with the possibilities offered by digitalization to make full use of its potential with everything from data collection to reflector analysis.

Insight into the rail’s interior is becoming more revealing

During the inspection procedure, 9 test probes inspecting from as close as one millimeter detect near-surface irregularities and volumetric defects in the head, web and base of the rail in real time and in accordance with DIN EN 16729-1. Thanks to modular testing electronics and software from the PCUS pro® family, data collection is more efficient and insight into the rail’s interior is significantly more revealing. The findings are displayed in various ways on a removable rugged tablet with an intuitive touch-screen:
  • As a synchronized display of the A and B views.
  • The defect’s position and depth of its reflector can be precisely established using the amplitude-based volumetric B-view. Extensive amounts of data can be accessed with the SRE. Unlike the classical gating technology, this allows the threshold value configurations to be edited later, which in turn provides us with revealing information on the reflectors and their dynamic.
  • For the first time ever, a camera image of the rail’s running surface complements the manual ultrasonic rail inspection and is synchronized with the ultrasound data. Every camera image is archived with the ultrasound data under the same location reference, so both the documentation of the rail’s condition and its historic data are more comprehensive.

  • With the aid of a Microsoft HoloLens, the inspector can use Augmented Reality (AR) to see the ultrasonic data recorded by the SRE as a tomographic hologram in a spatially accurate 3D volumetric image. This intelligent integration of the technology with the actual infrastructure makes it easier to interpret and intuitively evaluate the inspection results.
  • With a sufficient amount of data the SRE can employ AI-assisted algorithms to pre-classify the reflectors and help the inspector to identify indicators. Every indicator accepted by the inspector improves the performance of the pattern recognition over the long term, and feeding the results into an asset management program increases the informative value of the AI-assisted prognoses on wear development and the rail’s service life, which in turn increases the service quality and availability of the track system.

For the purpose of accessing the inspection data or conducting further data analyses, the data can be transferred via LTE / Wi-Fi, USB or SD card and the inspection results can be incorporated straight into your company’s digitalized process chains. The open interface enables the data to be integrated into asset management and ERP programs. At the same time, the data are also compatible with® or Vossloh’s Smart Maintenance application mapl-e.

The service quality you’re used to

In addition to professional advice and training, our service desk guarantees you:
  • an annual check of the tester according to DIN EN 12668-1 and ISO 22232-1
  • the maintenance and procurement of spare parts
  • regular system check-ups and software upgrades

Simply choose between purchasing your own SRE or having your rails inspected as a service.

Ergonomic and sturdy in one

When designing the SRE, the designers paid particular attention to user-friendly operation and maximum stability for use in rugged conditions on the track. The slim-line, carbon-fiber reinforced trolley with an evenly distributed overall weight of under 20 kg is very easy to carry – and comes with an optional the shoulder strap.

Thanks to its compact size – 930 mm x 300 mm x 580 mm (L/W/H not including the fold-down push handle) – the SRE fits in the back of any car no problem.

Why wait?

If you’d like to test the SoniQ Rail Explorer (SRE) or if inspections are taking place soon on your track system, then arrange for an appointment today by phone or e-mail at

We look forward to being able to show you the special features of the SoniQ Rail Explorer in person!


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