V-COM Product line

A product range dedicated to railway telecommunication

The V-COM product line is a range of railway safety telephony products based on digital and analog technologies. From analog standards to VoIP and optical fiber, our applications allow you to communicate anywhere on any type of network. It is composed of:
  • Outdoor telephone set: wired version (copper or fiber optic) or radio version (GSM-R)
  • Work phone
  • Digital switch
  • Digital operating console

With digital technology and its modularity, the V-COM product line allows interfacing with analog connections dedicated to the railway environment (Western, 5 tones…) as with digital connections (Ethernet, SDH, fiber optic…).


Railway modular telephone switch allowing the following functions:
  • Centralization of all the specific telephony lines (signal, level crossing, shelter, signaling equipment room, …)
  • Management from anywhere: on a console, on an IP network, locally or in OCC center
  • Automatically re-routing communication towards pre-programmed console or line
  • Centralization of all radio cab and GSM-R interfaces
  • System with high availability with redundancy of vital sub-system and re-routing transmission circuits
  • Fast maintenance with hot plug system, and alarm transmission to maintenance center (SNMP protocol)
  • Live functional modification of console by using a login/password system
  • NUMCOM-4000 is a full hybrid system supporting all interfaces (analog, digital, IP, fiber optic) and usable in a full IP network with a call manager

Outdoor telephone set for railway (TEF)

We provide a large range of outdoor telephone sets using copper wire, GSM-R, fiber optic, or IP network. Telephones are vandal-resistant, tele-maintained, and can be self-powered by solar panel. Different versions are available: fixed and portable.


Operating console and telephone switch can be used in a full IP Network without geographical constraints and connected to a general or regional call center.

  • A wide product line from telephone set to console
  • Digital technology
  • Can be connected with standard analog equipment
  • Can be connected with new communication support: Ethernet, fiber optic, GSM-R

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