Rail and turnouts maintenance

The use of longer and heavier trains as well as increasing traffic on the rails leads to the erosion of the trackside systems, the so-called rolling contract wear and tear, and to distortion of the surface of the railhead. This damage effects not only passenger comfort, it also has a fundamental impact on safety.

Mobile rail and
turnout services

Regular preventive measures demonstrably increase the service life of rails and switches by preventing the progression of rail defects, for example head checks or corrugations.

With our own innovative technology and services covering the entire lifecycle of the rails, Vossloh support the safety of modern rail lines and ensures long-term, sustainable protection of infrastructure investment. From preventive high-speed grinding to sustainable repair with the new milling machine, the service portfolio offers a founded, coordinated and thereby optimized application for all rail types.

Mobile rail maintenance: preventative rail grinding

High Speed Grinding (HSG) is the first technology worldwide that allows rail maintenance at working speeds of up to 80 km/h and during regular rail traffic without line closure.

The HSG grinding process has been successfully used for many years, and is being constantly developed.

Acoustic grinding

Because the noise emissions of rail traffic is largely dependent on the corrugation level of the rail surface, it is logical to assume that high speed grinding also has an acoustic effect, and can significantly decrease the noise level. In particular it was important to clarify whether our grinding process is able to fulfill the special requirements of the German “specially monitored tracks” (Besonders überwachte Gleis, BüG).

Diverse tests and procedures have confirmed that the process, alongside the main task of rail maintenance, is beneficial from an acoustic point of view on lines with high noise pollution, in order to reduce the severity of noise peaks, as well as the noise of passing trains.

Rail grinding in local transport at up to 60 km/h

The HSG-city has attracted considerable interest from urban rail operators. Alongside increased rail lifespan, noise reduction is also an important reason for use.

At the core is a similar grinding aggregate to the large HSG-2 train: the 24 passive rotating grinding stones can grind a track of 30km continuously at a speed of 25-60km/h.

Encapsulated as far as possible, the grinding machine has a strong suction device for dust and sparks, through which a subsequent cleaning of rails and tunnels is not necessary. The HSG-city can work both forwards and backwards, so many different types of train and thrust machine are suitable. The Beijing subway already uses the technology. A compact version is in use in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Copenhagen.

Mobile rail milling

With the newly developed Vossloh high performance milling, even severe rail defects can be efficiently corrected. Passenger comfort and safety are possible once more on the processed section.

An overview of the advantages:

  • a significantly improved surface quality of the processed rails,
  • an exact re-profiling of the rails with just one crossing,
  • a high working speed
  • more material per cycle.

Track analysis

A starting point for all successful rail and switch maintenance is prior recording and documentation of the current condition. Vossloh refers back to comprehensive knowledge of all phases of the lifecycle, and provides the most modern testing and measurement technology as well as highly specialized employees for these tasks.

Based on the recorded data, the experts calculate the necessary material removal for economical processing through the system’s machines, for length and cross profile processing.

Switch maintenance

With the Flexis switch processing system, Vossloh developed an extremely flexible system for optimal preventative and corrective maintenance of switches: on the one hand, switches can be cared for and maintained, without the work affecting network operation. On the other hand, the equipment used by Vossloh is so constructed, that the maintenance and care can be adapted to the properties of each switch.

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