Water and effluents

In Vossloh factories, water is mainly used for surface treatment of products, as a coolant in various production processes and for the production of concrete ties. Vossloh units obtain the water from the respective local public water supply systems. The Company intends to use this basic resource as efficiently as possible. As such, used water is reprocessed in our own plants and returned to the operating process, particularly in production areas that require a substantial amount of water. In some cases, the production units work with closed water circuits. At all of its sites, Vossloh disposes of wastewater via the respective public sewage systems. Process water that is heavily contaminated during production is first treated in our own wastewater treatment plants in such a way that it (at least) meets the discharge standards of the public systems.

The following table illustrates the Vossloh Group’s water consumption as determined by the water meters:

m3 (Vossloh Group)20212020
Water consumption178,173.3177,553.1

Water consumption was roughly at the previous year’s level despite the significantly higher sales revenues and the full consolidation of the Indian production site in the Customized Modules division. This is mainly due to a lower output volume in the Tie Technologies business unit.

In the year under review, Vossloh Fastening Systems commissioned a new neutralization plant in Werdohl. With more effective pickling technology and smaller active baths, less wastewater is now produced there than in the previous plant. The wastewater treatment plant in Poland was also modernized. At Vossloh Rail Services, the Nuremberg welding plant’s torch system has been operating with a closed cooling circuit since April 2021 and saving water in the process.