Rail and points and crossings Services

Vossloh Services France has extensive experience in the management and maintenance of railway networks: Expertise, Maintenance, Repair, Training, Spare parts, whether for the track or for the switch systems.

Rail grinding and milling for preventive and corrective maintenance of high-speed and conventional rail lines, urban networks and points & crossings.

  • High-speed grinding (HSG) technology
  • Low-noise grinding
  • Recommended technology for acoustic grinding
  • Milling to restore rail profiles and remove severe defects

On-site services, extension of the service life of points & crossings: welding, build-up, grinding, repair

Your partner for track and turnout management

  • Asset Management software (MR.pro®), expert services, maintenance recommendations
  • Remote monitoring for predictive maintenance
  • Spare parts management

Training tailored to your network

Our Training Center, based in Alsace, France, has been training railway network operators for over ten years on our products, service concepts and tools:
  • Accredited training centre: a customized programme for extensive knowledge of our products and services–
  • Obtaining certifications and qualifications
  • Training on mock-ups for every type of product and concept
  • New « welding » programme


Augmented reality and virtual reality for training and maintenance

3D modelling of our products to create digital twins:
  • Easy access to contextual data
  • Image overlap of data in real time
  • For in-depth product knowledge
  • Faster and more reliable assistance
  • Tailored to your perception of the product


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